Auburn’s New Football Facility Looks Incredible

Auburn football is currently breaking in a whole new coaching staff, including new head coach Bryan Harsin. So far, things are off to a good start, but that won’t be the only new thing on The Plains, come July 2022.

The school’s new football-only complex is set to be completed next year. On Tuesday morning, the official Twitter account for the Tigers released a video showing what the new facility will look like. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome.

The new Performance Center will include the team’s new locker room and weight room, as well as a player’s lounge. Heck, this place is even going to have a recording studio, barbershop and a flight simulator, according to an article from January.

The cost sits at a cool $91.9 million, but from the looks of it, they’re getting their money’s worth. The 233,400-square foot facility will cover 12.5 acres. Impressive.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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    Spending almost $100 MILLION on a giant “pampering center” for college athletes?

    Yep, those poor kids sure are being exploited, all right. No wonder that we need to be paying them stipends and giving them shoe contracts at age 17. I mean, getting free tuition (worth $250,000 alone in some places), free books, free tutors, free food, free housing, free clothing, just isn’t enough!!!

    The FUNDAMENTAL premise of College sports is that they are amateur. Paying college football players above-the-table does nothing except legitimize criminality, cheapen the experience of the huge majority of college athletes who DON’T get paid to play a sport (even in D-1), and serve to make the ncaa just an unofficial farm program of the NFL.

    Paying players for “name and likeness” will ONLY create more of a disparity between the top 10-12 programs in the country, who will only get richer, and the other 120, who will get poorer. If you’re a 4 star LB, why go to a Tulane or Ole Miss or UAB or Vandy, when some rich booster that runs a potato chip company is giving you a contract for $100,000 cash, just to put your teenaged face on a billboard – IF you go to Alabama or LSU?

    Wake up and smell the burnt coffee.

    • There’s no stopping it. The game is not as much fun as it used to be. All these babies transferring after not being a handed starting job their true freshman year is ridiculous. I watched less last year than I ever have and at this point I’m not too excited about the upcoming season either.

    • But if you go to Vandy and squib a kickoff 10 yards or hit the goalpost on an extra point, that’ll land you in the College Football Hall of Fame… and a backup goalie slot on the biological XX female soccer team…

  2. What a disgrace! How about building a more modest facility and using the excess funds to, God forbid, lower tuition or support the non-revenue generating sports on campus. Talk about going overboard.

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