Longtime Friend Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tells TMZ He Can See Him Being Successful Running For Office

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been in the spotlight more and more over the last few years, with rumors that one day he’s going to go ‘all in’ and run for political office in the United States.

Johnson, who made his mark as a pro wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment before taking over Hollywood, has been been getting plenty of pub this last week after the debut of his new show on NBC, Young Rock.

The show centers on Johnson at various ages of his life, from touring the country with his dad as a youngster, the late “Rocky” Johnson, to his teenage years when he looks more like he’s in his mid-20s, to his time in college at the University of Miami where he played with the likes of Warren Sapp, Jessie Armstead and Russell Maryland.

At one point, it also shows Johnson sitting with a reporter played by Randall Park as he’s set to run for President of the United States in 2032.

The show, which aired on Monday, was well received by critics, garnering an 88 percent “fresh” rating on “Rotten Tomatoes” with 24 critics reviews.

While that’s all good and the show is going to keep going without question, the question that keeps popping up about the self-proclaimed “Great One” is whether he would really someday run for office.

Would Johnson run for president?

One friend and former co-worker from WWE who has no doubts that it could happen is Mark “Undertaker” Calaway, who told TMZ that he can see The Rock running for office.

“That man works his tail off, and he dives in wholeheartedly in everything that he does. And if he gets his mind set that he wants to make a run at politics, ya know what? I think he’ll do it,” Taker said.

Johnson hasn’t shied away from taking the whole president question head on. He told USA Today not that long ago that he would “consider a presidential run in the future, if that’s what the people wanted.”

If there’s one person who knows how charming Johnson can be, it’s Taker. He worked closely with Johnson during the WWE’s “Attitude Era” from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, when the company could do no wrong.

Now two decades later, Taker says that whatever Johnson decides to do, he can be successful at it, and he 100 percent can shock the world when it comes to politics.

“I don’t know, man, there’s so many possibilities, and if that’s what he chooses to do, I’ll support wholeheartedly in his efforts to do so,” Undertaker said.

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  1. He should have kept his Biden endorsement to himself. Nothing emasculates a man, especially a former wrestler, more than publicly proclaiming their support of the Biden/Harris ticket…or any Democratic politician in 2021. Outside of NYC, LA & the urban hipsterlands between, Robert DeNiro is nothing more than a left wing little pussy. The Rock awaits the same fate if he panders to progressive sissies any more than he already has.

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