Long Beach State Soccer Scores ‘Goal Of The Year’ With Wicked Bicycle Kick After Putting Defender In A Blender

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The 2022 college soccer season is only a few weeks young, but the ‘Goal of the Year’ has already been scored. Long Beach State claimed that title over the weekend and it would be hard to imagine that anyone will take it from them. (For the record: the soccer celebration of the year was claimed by someone else.)

Long Beach, which played host to San Diego, found itself in a 2-1 hole with very little time remaining. However, in the 88th minute, an unbelievable sequence tied things up and changed the outcome of the entire match.

After pushing the ball into the opposing half, junior forward Elysia Laramie found herself with the ball on the right side of the pitch with a much smaller defender trying to poke at the ball. Laramie is 5-foot-9, so her defender must have been about 5-foot-2.

Laramie put the San Diego defender in a blender and made her look silly.

Once the San Diego defense had cleared, Laramie had a clean look toward net. She put in a beautiful cross into the box and the rest was magic.

From about the penalty spot, Lena Silano went full-send. The Long Beach senior forward jumped up, flipped back and connected on a ridiculous bicycle kick. It proceeded to drop right over the keeper’s reach and into the net for the game-tying goal.

Take a look at Long Beach State soccer’s incredible bicycle goal:

In the sideline angle of the nasty exchange, you can get a better feel for Laramie’s filthy footwork. The San Diego defender never stood a chance.


Goal of the Year candidate by Long Beach State’s Lena Silano off the assist from Elysia Laramie. This tied the match against San Diego, 2-2, in the 88th minute! #soccer #chilena #golazo #longbeach #goal #bicyclekick

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Long Beach State also posted an on-field video of the goal. It is the best look at the entire sequence and it will leave your jaw on the floor. Silano’s reaction is also priceless.

Again, there is a lot of season left. However, there is simply no way that anyone is going to one-up Laramie’s move, her cross or Silano’s finish. Wicked stuff from Long Beach State.

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