Logan Paul to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘F— You, Bro’

Believe it or not, Jimmy Kimmel still has a TV show. With ratings flatter than his jokes, Kimmel once again went to the Trump well to try and get a cheap laugh from his audience, which is always quick to be offended by jokes, except those made at Trump’s expense. In doing so, he dragged Logan Paul into the fray, who promptly told the late night host to “f*ck off, bro.”

Kimmel poked fun at Trump and Paul during a recent show monologue, saying: “Who would pay to listen to Trump BS his way through a boxing match? Between Logan Paul and Donald Trump, boxing is once again the top source of income for the very worst people in the world.”

Much like the handful of viewers watching Kimmel from home, Paul didn’t find any humor in the attempted wisecrack. “I feel like I’m a very easy butt of a joke,” Paul said via his Impulsive podcast. “My name is just like thrown out there. … I’m upset with Jimmy Kimmel, dude, for real.”

Paul then took aim at Kimmel’s two-faced approached: “(Kimmel) went on his show recently and made a joke, he said me and Donald Trump are the worst people on earth. You f-cking asshole, Jimmy Kimmel. Honestly, Jimmy, f-ck you, bro. I’m not…f-ck that. How are you about to invite me on a show and have, like, a cordial, friendly, familiar relationship, and then a year and a half later…f-ck you, Jimmy Kimmel. Why now?”

Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, was a guest on Kimmel’s show in 2017, but unlike Kimmel, he can still land a jab.


Written by Anthony Farris


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