Lobsterman’s Story Of Being Swallowed By Humpback Whale Debated; Doing Ok After Incident

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It was an intersting few days for lobsterman Michael Packard. How truthful his exploits were is another question all together.

Packard, a veteran when it comes to lobster and catching them, is claiming that he was swallowed by a humpback whale while out on lobster dive.

It’s something that many veteran fisherman are finding very hard to believe, but for Packard he’s just happy to be alive.

Those that treated Packard at Cape Cod Hospital questioned his legitimacy of his story. Those that know the ocean and how it all works said that Packard would have had serious hearing loss from the sudden change in water pressure.

Instead Packard said that the whale spit him out after about 30 seconds. He felt at first that he had been eaten by a shark when everything went dark.

The veteran lobsterman was rescued by a crewmate and suffered from some bruises, but no matter how legit the story is or not it sounds like he is going to be okay and make a somewhat full recovery.

Packard said to the Cape Cod Times he was ‘completely inside’ the massive mammal and that it ‘It was completely black.’

The boat the crew was in ‘erupted’ once the humpback whale surfaced. Packard flew out of the mammal’s mouth, and he was quickly recovered back to the boat.

How legit the story is now just all remains to be seen. Packard thanked the Provincetown rescue squad for its ‘caring and help’ in a post on Facebook.

Written by Matt Loede

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