LIV Golf Trademark Blocked By LIV Nightclub In Miami

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LIV Golf has made an attempt to register trademarks via numerous applications, but those attempts have been blocked by the well-known Miami nightclub, also named LIV.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben broke the news and reported that David Grutman, the nightclub owner, has filed a lawsuit against LIV Golf to oppose the trademark applications.


LIV, the nightclub, claims that LIV Golf’s trademarks are visually similar, phonetically and aurally similar, and share similar goods/services. The nightclub also claims that its trademarks are licensed across the globe and have been in use for 15 years.

The filing claims that the public could believe LIV Golf is affiliated with the LIV nightclub in Miami.

As for the meaning behind LIV Golf’s name, the Saudi-backed circuit hosts tournaments that consist of limited fields of just 54 players. The roman numeral for 54 is LIV.

There’s something ironic about a nightclub blocking the trademark of a new golf league that turns its driving range into a literal nightclub with blaring music while players warm up prior to their rounds.

It’s safe to say LIV Golf won’t bow down and stop fighting for trademarks given their unlimited funds. The LIV nightclub has the golf circuit beat on basic history, however. The club opened in Miami back in 2008.

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