Little League Attendees Make Big Impression On MLB

Baseball may finally be getting this thing right. Fresh off the success of the “Field of Dreams Game,” this weekend’s “Little League Classic” provided another shot of excitement to Major League Baseball’s often long, slow August. Even the most casual of fans could appreciate the intermixing of baseball’s brightest stars and little leaguers converging in Williamsport.

The game itself provided few fireworks: Cleveland topped the Angels 3-0, but having little leaguers fill the ballpark and gawk at your every move had the pros motivated. “It was almost more nerve-wracking throwing for a bunch of preteens than it is regularly,” said Cleveland’s Cal Quantrill via USA Today. “I hope they all see that it’s not that crazy, and they can probably do what we’re doing. We’re not that much older than them … I think this was a really cool dynamic.”

Williamsport’s unique atmosphere allows little leaguers the opportunity to sit front row and occasionally interact with their idols. The once-a-season experience wasn’t lost on Angels manager Joe Maddon: “The kids were into it with their little thunder sticks … I love that stuff. I want to congratulate MLB with the combination of Field of Dreams and this happening, we get to highlight our sport in a really good light.”

Slugger Mike Trout agreed, telling USA Today: “To see the kids’ reactions, that’s what it’s for. It’s probably every kid’s dream to meet Major League Baseball players. MLB has done a great job combining both of these, and it was a great experience.”

Major League Baseball has already announced a return to Williamsport for 2022. Historic Bowman Field will host the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox in a fan friendly ball game next August.


Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. The MLB All Star game was an absolute disaster and Manfred was rightly destroyed for caving to utter woke nonsense (moving the game from one of the most successfully diverse cities in the country to an all white mountain haven only proves how impossible it is to be both woke and actually rational at the same time, but I digress…) but on the whole, no one has done a better job of redirecting their sport back toward fan friendliness than Manfred. While Silver was being roundly praised by every media pundit for… well… I was never actually sure. Players like him I guess, but he’s also borderline ruined the NBA and managed to alienate fans by promoting everything OTHER than the game itself, Manfred has made subtle tweaks to rules to make the game more enjoyable, and, more important, every decision he’s made (outside the All Star game) has been about enhancing the experience of being a fan. NFL games are still the best TV, but are almost unwatchable in person, meanwhile MLB games have become much more enjoyable in person, the game moves more, and the in-game experience is phenomenal (simple things like letting players throw the ball into the stands again after innings has a HUGE effect – every white sox game I attend Tim Anderson throwing the ball into the stands every inning is the highlight of the game for tons of young kids praying they catch a ball). And these small season changes have brought young fans back in a HUGE way, and that cannot be overstated. Manfred has been a mixed bag, but the good outweighs the bad, and given what every other commissioner (and frankly large business CEO in general) is doing with their time and their business, just being on the positive side of a mixed bag should be praised.

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