Lions HC Dan Campbell Doesn’t Think Elite QB Is Needed, Seriously

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If you’re trying to find Lions head coach Dan Campbell, just look for the guy in the Members Only jacket with the fresh perm and the Polaroid camera, ’cause that dude’s stuck in the ’80s.

Need proof? Well, contrary to popular belief, “Dantallica” — as he’s known to fellow knee biters — considers elite quarterback play a luxury, not a necessity in the NFL.

“No, I don’t think you need that,” Campbell responded when asked whether the Lions need to be elite at the game’s most important position, per the Detroit Free Press.

That’s good news for Jared Goff, and certainly the defense on the ’85 Bears are nodding their heads in agreement. But poor, long-suffering Lions fans must already be feeling disillusioned about the upcoming season, and it’s still only April.

As OutKick’s Sam Amico reported Thursday, Detroit picks second overall in this month’s draft and is seeking someone to be a “Day One starter.” The team’s preference for immediate help, the lack of franchise quarterback options in this draft class and Campbell’s relative ambivalence to the position all suggest that Detroit will select someone other than QB.

“I think that (elite QBs) are obviously, they’re special,” Campbell said. “And they certainly can give you a better chance. But no, I don’t believe you have to have one of those guys to have sustained success.

“We like Goff and I like where he’s at,” insisted Campbell.


Detroit, by the way, could use some sustained success. They’ve finished four consecutive seasons with double digit losses, and now even casual NFL fans think an elite quarterback would go a long way in bolstering the Lions’ prospects.

But hey, who doesn’t love the ’80s?


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Written by Anthony Farris

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