Lions Go Ape Sh*t Watching QB’s Wife In Olympic Run

If the Detroit Lions were feeling gassed after their third straight training camp practice you’d never know it. Following Friday’s on-field work, the team held a viewing party to support Melissa Gonzalez, the wife of backup quarterback David Blough. The signal caller’s better half was competing to qualify for the 400-meter hurdle semifinals in Tokyo. Her performance left the Motown watch party rockin’ .

See for yourself:

A dual citizen, Gonzalez competes for Colombia, though she was born in the United States. On Friday evening, her 55.32 second sprint set a Colombian national record and qualified her for the Olympic semifinal round.

Blough, celebrating his 26th birthday Saturday, was thrilled: “It was about the best birthday present you could ever ask for in her just being there. So, we’re so thankful,”said Blough, per ESPN.

“It’s one of those days where as a man, in my life, I’m sure I’ll have more if I get to have kids, but it’s hard to put it into words,” added Blough.

The Olympic-triumph and experience of the team collectively routing on Blough’s wife wasn’t lost on Lions head coach Dan Campbell: “You don’t always get these type of experiences,” Campbell said via ESPN. “But to me that embodies enjoying the ride because that was pretty cool. It was a moment, I can tell you that.”

With the semifinal slated for Monday, there’s still time for Gonzalez to adopt her husband’s last name and Blough by the competition.

Written by Anthony Farris


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