Lions Dominating COVID Testing, NFL Doing Incredible Job So Far

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The Detroit Lions are on a Ripken-esque streak: 12 days and over 1,000 straight tests without a positive COVID result. These guys are absolutely dominating the NFL negative COVID test standings’s Kyle Meinke reports the Lions “bought new, more spacious locker banks for the locker room, and installed plexiglass to separate the stalls.” There have been changes to how players get their food at the Lions practice facility and where they sit to eat those meals. Meinke estimates the Lions have spent “millions” to keep guys healthy and away from the COVID.

So far, so good for the Lions and a majority of the NFL where teams are taking COVID precautions very seriously. In Seattle, the Seahawks wasted little time cutting a rookie who tried to sneak a woman into the team hotel by having her wear a disguise to look like a player.

It’s so slow out there for negative COVID news that even the biggest fear porn-pimping blue checkmark out there, Mike Florio, can’t even find negativity. Here’s a look at his headlines at 7 ET.

Florio COVID news

This should be the barometer for the NFL vs. COVID going forward. Check Florio’s headlines and count up how many negative stories his crew can come up with. The NFL home office should be high-fiving like crazy over a day like this.

Add in the Lions going streaking and it’s nothing but positives right now for Roger and his lieutenants. Remember when Kelly Stafford went off on the NFL for how it handled Matthew’s false-positive test? She’s moved on with life. The Staffords — who had to put down their dog today — and the rest of the NFL will have to figure out how to keep their lives moving along and yet still stay away from the virus.

The big tests are still out there: planes, buses, hotels, and side pieces who are always a threat to bring down a multi-billion dollar organization. But as it stands right now things are looking great for the NFL to get started September 10 with Texans-Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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