Lionel Messi Tops LeBron James As Highest-Paid Athlete

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Soccer superstar Lionel Messi currently sits atop the throne of the world’s highest-paid athletes. Messi’s combined on and off the field earnings of $130 million (per Forbes), top King James, who ranks second with $121.2 million.

Forbes recently released their list, which totals pre-tax earnings of each athlete, and revealed that of the top ten highest-earners in sports, soccer stars are most prominent. Three such players, Messi (ranked first), Cristiano Ronaldo (third) and Neymar (fourth) made the top five.

Outside of Messi and LeBron James, Ronaldo ($115 million) was the only athlete among the top 10 to earn more than $100 million over the last 12 months. Neymar’s total was only $95 million.

The lone NFL player to make the list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – Tom Brady – who’s slotted at number nine after taking in $83.9 million.

Along with James, three other NBA players secured spots in the top ten. Those hoopers included former teammates Steph Curry ($92.8 million, fourth) and Kevin Durant ($92.1 million, fifth), and two-time Most Valuable Player, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The remaining spots were occupied by tennis star Roger Federer ($90.7 million, seventh) and boxer Canelo Alvarez ($90 million, eighth).

One could surmise that former Dunder Mifflin regional manager, Michael Scott, would’ve placed within the list had he not opted for the respect of being a boss instead of being a professional athlete (or doctor). More specifically, a boss that will not fire you even though you just tell him off right to his face over the phone. That’s respect.

Michael Scott - I dont work here for the money , that's for sure I could make far more being a doctor or a professional athlete

Maybe next year.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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