LinkedIn Now Allows Companies To Filter Job Candidates By Race

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An update to the LinkedIn employment service allows recruiters to filter job candidates by race.

The move was made in the name of diversity, reports The Daily Wire.

Users now have the option to “allow demographic information to be used in LinkedIn recruiting features to help recruiters find a more “diverse group of qualified candidates.”

Specifically, a user can highlight their race, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation to help them land a job.

So if you are a straight white male, do not publicize your information. This feature is precisely designed to hurt your chances of matching with an employer.

LinkedIn has tried to frame the racist update as a means to ensure minority accounts are visible to recruiters.

The Daily Wire explains:

“LinkedIn meanwhile updated a webpage one month ago explaining that the platform “may use your personal demographic information in recruiting features to surface qualified members that may diversify the group of candidates displayed to recruiters” who work for companies with “public commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Answers to the personal demographic questions are “never directly shared with recruiters or companies,” the webpage added, noting that users can “opt out of this use of your personal demographic information in your settings.”

LinkedIn homepage.

It’s unclear if inserting “anti-racist” in your profile is still an advantageous LinkedIn practice.

Either way, the new feature is likely to become popular amongst recruiters.

Various corporations have pinged diversity as important as success. Thereby eliminating white males from the search results will save said employers ample time.

In short, LinkedIn is using racism to fight perceived racism.

And this isn’t the first time. In 2021, the social media firm implemented a diversity training program that encouraged participants to “be less white.

The program was called “Confronting Racism with Robin DiAngelo,” the author of the white guilt exposé called “White Fragility.”

That said, perhaps there is a silver lining in allowing LinkedIn to filter candidates by race.

Now, white males won’t have to waste their time interviewing with a recruiter who already deemed them unhireable.


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