Lindsey Vonn Catches S.B. LV, Tom Brady’s Parents Are A Class Act & Mark Yourself Safe From Jackson Mahomes

The NFL made it to the end after the coronabros said it couldn’t be done

I don’t care if Super Bowl LV was a blowout, it was so damn nice to have a Super Bowl Sunday after the Peter Kings and Mike Florios of the world tried their best to sow so much doubt about the NFL’s ability to pull off a season. The college football coronabros failed to kill off a season, and so did the NFL media members who tried so desperately not to let Sunday night in Tampa happen.

What we were left with was a Super Bowl that might’ve had 25,000 or so people inside the building, but it felt like a Super Bowl. Tiger Woods was in a suite wearing shorts and taking photos. Robert Kraft was hanging with Shaq, Meek Mill and Aaron Judge. Jackson Mahomes was off crying in some corner. Tom Brady’s parents were there watching their son add yet another layer to his spot in history. The streaker added some excitement. The halftime show was terrible, like it normally is.

What I’ll take away from Super Bowl LV is that it was pretty normal, minus some very dark commercials and pregame programming from CBS and the Shield. Now we move on to the Daytona 500 and yet another layer of bringing this country out of a pandemic. Golf is back to having fans — at least in Arizona — and even Spring Training will have fans at games.

The blue checkmark nerds will now move on to calling Super Bowl LV a superspreader event, crush Tom Brady for his relationship with Donald Trump, and continue to live miserable lives. We will not let them win. They will not suck every last drop of joy out of the world.

• Tom Brady set eight Super Bowl records last night, and the Bucs’ defense set nine records. While many of Brady’s Super Bowl records won’t be equaled in your lifetime, his 3,039 career passing yards in the Super Bowl just might be the one that will stand for a hundred years. Second place on that list is Kurt Warner with 1,156 in three games.

• Something was off with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo during the broadcast. Maybe it was the contract thing for Nantz or maybe it was just one of those nights. They just didn’t seem as smooth as normal.

• The Masters starts in 56 days.

• Selection Sunday is just 34 days away.

• It’s been one helluva run from August when football cranked up to this morning. Football season tends to bring multiple seven-day work weeks for long periods of time, but it would be hard to create a better job than getting to bring you guys the absurdity from the sport we all love. Now don’t get mad if you notice I’m slacking a little bit on weekends.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Yeah I know this is the classic “who the hell cares” post…but this was the first Super Bowl in my teenage or adult life I didn’t watch one minute of. I do enjoy the OK coverage of football…but I have no rooting interest in investing as much into it anymore. Besides it just seems like it’s only a big event for the Illuminati, plastic who-ars and elitist sharks.

    • I believe the superbowl isn’t about the game or the teams, its about selling you something. I once heard that tv shows are only produced to fill time in between commercials and it is 100% evident when you watch the superbowl. Someone could be dying on the field and they would switch it to a Pepsi commercial so fast it would make your head spin. Also, I didnt watch the superbowl.

    • I loved watching Brady and TB beat the Chiefs, but I hated everything else with the production. The commercials – which I don’t typically see cause I don’t have cable – will make you think blacks are not a minority, the lack of replays, and some made up national anthem and SJW nonsense was something I didn’t need to see. Not to mention the halftime show. If that was geared for the younger generation, then they are truly fucked.

  2. ” Something was off with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo during the broadcast. Maybe it was the contract thing for Nantz or maybe it was just one of those nights. They just didn’t seem as smooth as normal.”

    I agree. I miss the old Romo that called out what the play was going to be more frequently.

  3. I must admit, I care 0% about pictures of these random hoes who have flooded the internet with their gigantic assets and zero personality. Now the pictures of some well made burgers and nachos? Tremendous.

  4. Lindsay Vonn gets skankier looking by the day.
    Michael Rubin is one of the Sixers owners, a sissy white boy who spends all his time hanging with black athletes. He thinks it makes him cool. He’s the dick who flew Meek Mill out of prison in his private helicopter.

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