Lincoln Riley Police Reports Do Not Mention Any Attempted Break-Ins, Despite Claims To The Contrary

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The Norman Police Department has no documentation that a call was ever made reporting a break-in attempt happened at Lincoln Riley’s home.

Riley made waves during an interview with Graham Bensinger when he claimed there were “multiple” incidents at his home in Norman, Oklahoma after he took the USC job, including break-in attempts.

However, there was quickly pushback when Justin Martinez reported there were no reports held by the local authorities of break-in attempts, but that there had been two calls in December weeks after Riley took the job.

Lincoln Riley break-in attempt reports don’t appear to exist.

OutKick obtained the police reports for both incidents, and neither incident had anything to do with alleged break-ins at the residence.

A December 17 call was for an “extra patrol” in the area and categorized as a “low” priority situation that was related to anything in progress.

A second call on December 19 was for a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood, and categorized as a “medium” priority for two officers who responded to an event described with a status of “in progress.”

Norman Police Department has no reports of break-in attempts at Lincoln Riley’s home. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

The Norman Police Department told OutKick the vehicle that was believed to be suspicious was gone when officers arrived.

The department also told OutKick it “does not have any further incidents, case reports, or investigations involving Lincoln Riley, his wife, or any of their associated addresses during the November to December 2021 time period.”

USC silent on Riley’s claim of break-in attempts.

OutKick has sent multiple messages to USC asking for clarification if Riley ever reported any break-in attempts. Attempts to get clarification/comment from USC have gone unanswered as of publication.

If Riley feared for his family’s safety and there were break-in attempts, did anyone ever alert the authorities? That question remains unanswered and fans deserve an answer after such a serious claim.

The USC coach previously stated, “I had multiple [incidents]. Had a lot of different people trying to break into the house the days after it happened. 95% of the fans, the people out there at Oklahoma or anywhere are great. You typically always have that percentage at times that take it too far. Obviously, this was one of those incidents.”

Lincoln Riley alleges break-in attempts were made at his home after took the USC job. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Yet, Lincoln Riley nor anyone else apparently called the police. Why is that? We still don’t know, but if we get an answer, we’ll update the piece.

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