HBO Posts Wildly Revealing Photo Of Lily-Rose Depp To Promote ‘The Idol’ Finale

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HBO is really pushing the limits in order to get people to watch the season one finale of “The Idol.”

The show with Lily-Rose Depp and the Weeknd had huge exceptions before it premiered on the premium network.

However, it has been nothing short of an absolute disaster. The ratings are trash, season one is ending after just five episodes (the finale is Sunday night) and it seems unlikely there will be a second season.

In fact, it would take a miracle at this point for “The Idol” to return for season two.

“The Idol” has been a complete and total failure for HBO.

One of the main criticisms of the show is the sexual nature of the show is way too much and over-the-top. In fact, it’s really the only thing anyone is talking about when it comes to the series.

Lily-Rose Depp might not mind graphic sex scenes, but many people have described the sexual nature of the series as wildly inappropriate and downright uncomfortable to watch.

Well, HBO is leaning into it. The network shared a photo of LRD in a see-through-outfit on its official Twitter account that I won’t share here because I enjoy my job. It’s out there on HBO’s Twitter, and seems like a BOLD promotion strategy.

Why would HBO lean into the one thing about the show people seem to hate the most? It’s almost like the network isn’t listening to fans at all.

“The Idol” is a massive disaster for HBO. (Credit: HBO)

HBO dropped the ball with this series.

HBO is known for creating great content. It’s the network responsible for “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” “The Last of Us,” “Entourage,” “House of the Dragon” and several other major hits.

Generally speaking, HBO produces series that do very well. “The Idol” hasn’t just been a simple miss. It’s become a huge embarrassment for the network.

Now, HBO is straight up tweeting photos of Lily-Rose Depp in see-through clothing in order to gin up interest for what is almost definitely the final episode of the series.

Bold. Very bold, HBO.

“The Idol” hasn’t worked out well for HBO. (Credit: HBO)

Season one wraps Sunday night. Best of luck to the few people who will be watching. It’s really just time for HBO to put this show out of its misery and officially pull the plug.

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