Lil Wayne’s Endorsement Of President Trump Another ‘Kick In The Nuts’ To White Liberals

Apparently we’ve found the lone celebrity Chelsea Handler has yet to bed. It’s Lil Wayne.

Thursday the rapper tweeted support for President Trump’s proposed economic strategy for black Americans, The Platinum Plan, and included a picture of himself smiling next to the president. 

As of this writing, Ms. Handler has not publicly reminded Lil Wayne of her definition of blackness or offered him the privilege of banging a 45-year-old white Thot. It appears Ms. Handler has left the scolding of Lil Wayne to her former black f–k boy 50 Cent. The G-Unit rapper who drew Handler’s rebuke for bashing Joe Biden’s tax plan tweeted disapproval of Wayne’s photographed embrace of Trump.

I don’t have a problem with Thots — white, black or brown. My problem is with liberals, particularly white ones, who attempt to control and limit the thoughts, actions and power of black people.

It is both necessary and healthy for black people to diversify their political opinion and support. Iron sharpens iron. Conflict and resistance strengthen muscles. 

Chelsea Handler and other white liberals seem committed to keeping black people weak and dependent. Their actions create the impression they want us (black people) eliminated from the intellectual olympics. They elected themselves the stewards of our culture and political point of view. 

Ms. Handler’s public admonishment of Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) was reprehensibly racist and egomaniacal. What was worse is that Mr. Jackson allowed her to do it without a strong public condemnation.

Too many black people mistake affinity for respect or value affinity above respect. Absent respect, affection is inauthentic and worthless. Affection pleasures the giver as much as — if not more than — the receiver. Respect honors the receiver alone and reveals the character of the giver.

Affection is self-indulgent. That is its allure. 

I’m no different from 50 Cent. I’ve shared affection with white liberal women. I’ve witnessed them display their lack of respect, their ego and their feelings of superiority. They get comfortable in the relationship and what they believe the inter-racial coupling says about them. In their mind, they elevate above bigotry and bias and suddenly they have a firmer grasp on authentic blackness than their black partner. 

It’s why Rachel Dolezal transitioned to black. In her mind, she knows more about being black than the average black person. The same is true for black impersonator Shaun King, the social justice warrior. Sadly, many black people actually believe liberal white people are the ideal overseers of blackness. Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King play black because they know we are programmed to welcome their oversight.

I am hard on white liberals. My critique of their behavior spawns the idea that I think they’re all evil. That is not remotely true. It’s been my life experience that many of them are well-intentioned. 

I would have never built a successful journalism career without the assistance of Bob Hammel, Andy Graham, Bill O’Connor, Mike Weinstein, Trish Greene and Anne Allen, a group of left-leaning editors and writers at the Bloomington Herald-Times and Charlotte Observer. 

When I graduated from Ball State in 1990, I was extremely raw as a writer and reporter. I wasn’t qualified for full-time work. I had to accept a part-time job in Bloomington for $5 an hour covering high school sports.  Hammel and Graham tutored me in their spare time. After a year, they had coached me to the point that I was qualified to cover Little League and high school sports for the Charlotte Observer in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I was paid $403 a week. 

From there, O’Connor, Greene, Allen and Weinstein taught me how to really write and report. It took about four months of grinding every day. O’Connor was brutal like a football coach. My skills dramatically improved. 

The problem was, once I got good, I started having problems with liberals who wanted to control the pace and level of my success. Once I became independent of liberal crutches and able to run as a journalist on my own, my relationship with liberal editors became riddled with conflict.

I landed a job with the Ann Arbor News covering Michigan’s Fab Five basketball team and football program. I had instant success. The editor of the paper went from championing me as his greatest hire to competing with my local notoriety. 

I landed a full-time column-writing gig with the Kansas City Star in 1994 for $65,000 a year.  I had instant success. In fact, I had so much success that within six months of my arrival, without me asking, the editors raised my salary to $100,000 with $25,000 raises the next three years. Kevin Warren, now the commissioner of the Big Ten, volunteered to serve as my agent. 

I was so successful in Kansas City, the editors, Art Brisbane and Mark Zieman, decided to invest additional money in the entire sports department. They concluded they needed a brash, young sports editor to go along with their brash, young sports columnist. They presented me a list of candidates to be the new sports editor. 

I chose Dinn Mann, an assistant sports editor in Atlanta. It’s probably the biggest mistake I made in my career. At the time, I hadn’t figured out that my competence and success bothered the white liberals forced to work with me. In one of his first acts as the new sports editor — within a month of taking the job — Mann told Brisbane and Zieman that I was overpaid. Zieman inadvertently informed me of this when I questioned some of Mann’s initial actions.

Mann spent the next several years at the Kansas City Star trying to prove I was overvalued. His campaign included promoting Joe Posnanski as the best sports columnist in America. 

I had advised Mann to hire Posnanski. I’d followed his work for several years. He preceded me in Rock Hill and worked as a sports columnist in Augusta, Georgia and Cincinnati. His column style perfectly complemented my style. I patterned my style after Mike Royko, a plain-spoken, in-your-face Chicago columnist. Posnanski patterned his style after Mitch Albom, a flowery storyteller who specialized in framable hagiographies.

Posnanski won APSE awards. I won readers. It was a great combination. 

Mann tried to use Posnanski to diminish me. Mann was eventually removed from the sports department. He was allowed to hire his replacement, Rick Vacek, a Northern California liberal. Vacek took me to lunch once a week and told me no one in Kansas City read my columns. He did this while a steady stream of Kansas Citians stopped by our table to greet me and tell me how much they loved my work. 

I could go on with story after story. My point is white liberals find my success, value and independence to be a “kick in the nuts,” as one recently told me. My experience with white conservatives has been that they find my skill, value and independence as assets that can be monetized. White liberals look for ways to diminish me. They compete with me. There is no one black who is their equal, and there certainly is no one black more valuable than them. White conservatives look for ways to assist my growth, as long as they, too, can benefit from that growth. My value and skill do not threaten them. 

All of this became clear to me when I worked at ESPN from 2013 to 2015. White liberals and their black flunkies worked tirelessly to demean me and my accomplishments. The Deadspin takedowns were all just white liberal tears packaged on a convenient black face (Greg Howard).

Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, 50 Cent and Kanye are waking up to a reality that I didn’t fully comprehend until my mid-40s. Affinity is a poor substitute for respect and freedom.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Whitlock: “Absent respect, affection is inauthentic and worthless. Affection pleasures the giver as much as — if not more than — the receiver. Respect honors the receiver alone and reveals the character of the giver.”

    Hey Jason…it doesn’t get ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!

  2. And I really did do a fast head turn a couple days ago…like “WTF”…when I heard C Jackson change his tune in a couple of quotes. I said, “WTF does Chelsea Handler have to get him to turn on a dime??” I mean, is he that self-loathing and that lacking in self-esteem to let her talk to him like that!!!

  3. Thank you JW for sharing a bit of your career story, that is very helpful advice. I spent the first 40 years of my life as a Liberal, thinking that only people like me appreciated black Americans. Turns out I was wrong, we didn’t appreciate them, we were simply focused on our virtue signaling. Well intentioned, but ultimately self serving and hollow.

    I have evolved into a person who tries to ignore a person’s race, their accent, who their parents are, etc…. Let each person’s talent and character speak for itself. The worst thing we can do is prepackage people into a certain personality or skillsets based on their skin color or where they grew up.

    • Keep dreaming on that Oliver…the rads have schools locked up, down, and sideways…that’s why our kids are looking forward to socialism…they were told by their teachers it’s really cool.

  4. Jason, thanks for giving us a much deeper insight on your life in journalism along with your personal experiences with white liberals versus white conservatives. You’ve seen the difference up close and personal. Candace Owens had similar comments this morning on Fox. In her prior years as a Democrat she became sick and tired of being looked down on, held back, and taken for granted. As you mentioned the various rappers waking up to reality, Candace had that same reality check which led her and Brandon Tatum to become the founders of Blexit. This new wave of awakening in the Black community continues to grow and your work is one of the reasons why. God Bless You.

  5. Love the background. I first became aware of your work as someone who did not enjoy it because it was critical of Kobe Bryant, who we worship out here in LA. But I eventually came to realize Kobe was ripe for criticism, at least early in his career.

    Currently, I’ve really enjoyed your work here at Outkick. This article contextualizes, fills in, your history for me. Especially your roadblocks as your career and notoriety ascended. Good stuff.

  6. I wait for the day when someone with talent is simply referred to as the best in their field. Leave out the “He is the best black person” or woman or gay person, etc. The racist hateful left needs to apply divisive tags to keep us separated. Mr. Whitlock is the atomic bomb to blow the hateful divisive leftist narrative to bits.
    Just keep being the best Mr. Whitlock! You constantly OUTKICK the leftist fools with every word you write!

  7. With great people like Jason Whitlock Candace Owens Kanye West Curtis Jackson LiL Wayne and O’Shea Jackson .Your thinking for yourselves like proud Black Man and Woman and leaving the liberal Plantation

    It’s wonder Biden did us the N word

  8. Another great column Jason! White liberals are the most insidious kinds of racists. They prop up dumb athletes and entertainers while ignoring black intellectuals with differing viewpoints. The only black opinions that matter to white liberals are the ones white liberals say matter. Deep on the inside, what is most important to white liberals is not helping people, but rather, stroking their own egos. They want to be the saviors, and like you said, they can’t handle the idea that there is “someone black more valuable than them”. You won’t see woke fools debate Coleman Hughes, Glenn Loury, or John McWhorter. White liberals can’t handle a debate with someone like Coleman, Glenn, or John (and these names I mentioned aren’t even Trump supporters I don’t think, but white-liberal-woke-fools like Rachel Maddow still won’t give them the time of day). The liberals only feed butter biscuits to athletes like Malcom Jenkins and spoonfeed praise to addicts for attention like Jemele Hill.

  9. Jason, I’m tried of you proving me wrong. The number of times I’ve said “He’s not gonna top that article” and then you do is becoming as annoying as it is refreshing.

    I also learned something new today, the meaning of thot:

    And you referred to black rapper as a boy. “It appears Ms. Handler has left the scolding of Lil Wayne to her former black f–k boy 50 Cent”.

    There were so many shots fired during the writing of this article that the white liberals are coming for your high capacity mental magazine.

    Have a good weekend all.

  10. Wait…. I found a potential way to possibly improve this article’s headline. Is it ‘kick in the nuts’ or is it ‘kick in the twat’? Other variations could be ‘kick in the vag’, ‘kick in the cooter’, or ‘kick in the p*ssy’ given the Oct. 2016 reaction to DJT in Oct. 2016 and the left’s hatred of masculinity.

  11. Great article, Jason. I was one of those who read your columns back in the early 2000s in the KC Star and could certainly tell by then you had the writing talent. It wouldn’t surprise me that white liberals would try to tear you down because they hate talent and greatness.

    As far as Ms. Handler…she’s a black man eater. But then again…all thots are man eaters.

  12. Handler LOL a middle aged white broad who is not funny nor attractive believe me LIL can do much better without even thinking about it I’m surprise fitty lowered his standards.

  13. Strong work as usual Jason! Keep up the fantastic job you are doing with Outkick!!

    I observed an interesting phenom in my neighborhood: On my small circle of houses there are about 30 homes, generally an upscale community with professional people. There are many Trump “yard signs” and not quite as many Biden signs. My neighborhood is majority white but many black families present, almost all of them have signs supporting various local races (Senator, and state Supreme Court).

    Not one of the African-American families have a Biden sign. Not one. Only the “white liberals” in the neighborhood feel the need to demonstrate their wokeness. (There were NO signs until about 2 weeks ago, our community covenants actually prohibit them, and only after the Biden ones popped up like mushrooms did the other Trump homes “retaliate” with a rash of yard signs).

    To me this means that the black families on our block obviously have no reservations in demonstrating their support for candidates in the more local races, but really don’t care much for Sleepy Joe. Again, this is a little more upscale neighborhood with many lawyers, professors, couple of doctors, etc., and of course, this is not a scientific sample, just a small observation. But it seems to represent the general trend, I think.

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid we won’t find out the real winner of the election on Nov 3, and maybe not on Dec 3 either. That’s not going to bode well for our country no matter who is the winner.

  14. Well, well stated. White liberals focus on blacks so they don’t have to come to grips with their own godless, soulless, self-hating reality. Honestly, though, that goes for all liberals. Is Don Lemon worse than Chelsea Handler? JW, maybe you can shed a little light on the motivation of the black liberal, too?

    • David, I agree that woke-liberals are soulless, godless, and self hating. this goes for all of the fools who want to lie, deceive, post edited videos, and promote resisting arrest. I am not speaking for you or anyone else, but I’ve personally come to the conclusion that in many cases the answer is simply: liberals want to make us all as miserable as they are.

  15. “They elected themselves the stewards of our culture and political point of view.”

    White liberals have been able to do this because blacks citizens have behaved like a gullible herd in too many elections. They have allowed themselves to be taken for granted and corralled by taking seriously the politicians’ BS. No wonder liberals — feeling so warm and fuzzy in their “virtue” — are happy to be the ones “on the gate.”

    This piece also is a spot-on vivisection of the “diversity” approach of mainstream media newsrooms over the past quarter century or more. They want identity-politics diversity only — no differences of opinion, politics or approach. They hire to check a demographic box (checking two or three at once gives them even more to tout) and then never lose sight of “why” in their view those people were hired.

  16. Superb article, Jason. Pointed and concise as always. Exposure of these well-hidden situations will only serve to inflame an frustrate the liberal media. Just keep being Jason. God thought you were a great idea a LONG time ago. Best.

  17. White media liberals throw black free-thinkers (not necessarily conservatives, per se) into the Uncle Tom box if they dare question the woke narrative the liberals push on a daily basis. JW, Marcellus Wiley, Shelby Steele, Alveda King, John James (MI senate candidate), Kanye West, Jack Brewer, Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Tony Dungy…they’ve all raised the ire of blue check leftists for their contrarian views not allowed by a black person. If a black person questions the Marxism of BLM, or calls out the growing secularism of the Democratic Party, or dares to appear on Fox News…their “authentic black” card is taken from them….and they’re dismissed as turncoats to “the cause”. And they rarely if ever get air time on CNNMSNBCESPN Inc. It’s disgusting when black personalities play the shuck & jive sellout card, of course. But when white liberals do it, it is disgusting AND patronizing. Get back in your lane, brother…….

    Though it was a little before my time, this Clevon Little/Rob Reiner exchange on a 1971 episode of “All in the Family” never gets old (and yes, that is Demond Wilson, who was casted as Lamont Sanford as a result of this appearance). You may have to cut & paste.

  18. Jason, I have followed you for a long time from where ever you were. I always knew you were different, you always told things as they were, not as the politically correct wanted it to be. Now your free to do your on thing. Damn, it just keeps getting better.

  19. One of my sons-in-law is young black man who works in the fracking fields of Texas. He’s said “I’d rather have a guy tell me he hates me because I’m black and know who that guy is than have someone tell me they love me while they’re lying their asses off”. He is 100% right!

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