Liberals React To Death Of Queen Elizabeth II: Tomi Lahren

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Liberals couldn’t help but viciously react to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Tomi reacted to the surprising amount of vitriol (by the Left) aimed at the passing of the queen, and how it exposes the lack of morality that they use for any circumstance they don’t agree with.

“Queen Elizabeth was the embodiment of grace, class and tradition,” Tomi shared. “Whether you believe in royalty or monarchies … you’d think for one freaking day, Liberals could help themselves from being total and complete and total a-holes. But no.”

She added, “Opinion writers from The New York Times, The Atlantic, and New York Magazine openly celebrated the death of Queen Elizabeth last week.”

Tomi called out the crazy Libs for losing their minds over Great Britain’s departed queen over her “colonizing.”

“Leave it to racist, disgraced sports personality and disgusting human, Jemele Hill, who tweeted about ‘the devastating impact of continued colonialism.'”

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