Let’s Go Brandon: Food Prices Hit Decade High

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With Halloween quickly approaching and food prices skyrocketing, Joe Biden’s inflationary house of horrors continues to scare American consumers just trying to feed their family. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the U.N. says that global food prices are the highest they’ve been in a decade, thanks in large part to supply chain issues inflicted by politicians dead set on eradicating COVID through economic shutdowns and global powers like the U.S. trying to make up the lost GDP growth with new, worthless, printed money.

Speaking to CNBC about the rising cost of food, Nicholas Bertram, CEO of grocery company Giant Food Stores, said that “everything you’ve read is what we’re seeing as well” in terms of inflation at the supermarkets.

“Anywhere we can push back [on prices] we always do,” Bertram said. “And anywhere we can absorb the cost for customers, we try to do that as well. But honestly, everything just continues to get more expensive right now.”

According to Bertram, the meat products industry is currently leading the charge with the most significant rise in prices.

“Cattle costs have gone up twenty percent versus last year, and so we’re seeing about eight percent inflation right now inside of the meat categories,” Bertram said.

The Biden administration has gone on record trying to blame the rising prices on meat processing company consolidation at the highest levels, price gouging, and increased demand. The meat companies responded by pointing out that economic shutdowns severely hampered the ability to process cattle and other livestock, leading to a glut of live animals and a lack of sellable product.

The absolute truth likely falls somewhere in the gray area between all of the contributing factors, as it typically does. But one thing is for certain: artificially manipulating (or in this case, destroying and then pumping) economic markets always comes with a devastating ripple effect on the tail end that economists and government officials either don’t respect or simply don’t care to acknowledge. The failure of the current administration to see how its ‘blank check’ economic approach will eventually pass the lion’s share of costs onto the American consumer via the hidden tax of inflation is despicable, irresponsible, and baffling. We must stop manipulating markets and start letting them create symbiotic results through equality of opportunity, rather than equality of outcome.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. The way you know Biden is not a good leader is how he tries to blame all of the country’s problems on everything but his policies.

    Everybody and their dog knows that rising inflation is a direct result of Covid lockdowns. Stop trying to blame other people for the side effects of your party’s policies.

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