Let These 5 Comedians Take Over for Trevor Noah

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It’s official: Trevor Noah is taking his hard-left headlines and going home.

The South African comic who succeeded Jon Stewart in 2015 is leaving Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Comedian Trevor Noah has announced he is leaving the Daily Show. (Daily Show)

We’re already hearing reports that show contributor Roy Wood, Jr., who enlivened the recent “Confess, Fletch,” could be Noah’s replacement. The liberal Wood may get the gig, or Comedy Central could turn to another progressive talent to assume the show’s reins.

Hiring Samantha Bee, freed from her TBS duties earlier this year, would likely see the show’s basement-low ratings start tunneling to China.

Few hosts can turn “The Daily Show’s” fortunes around, assuming Comedy Central insists on retaining its consistent, hard-Left posture. Blue state types already have Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and, to a lesser extent, Jimmy Fallon to make them laugh.

Or, to be more accurate, confirm their pre-ordained opinions.

Why not consider one of the following comic options? Who knows, it might just give audiences something to DVR while they’re watching “Gutfeld!”

Andrew Heaton

This fiercely Libertarian comic lacks the name recognition of a Bee or Wood. But anyone who ascends to the “Daily Show” throne will become familiar overnight. Heaton has no problem criticizing Donald Trump or other right-leaning figures. He’s got reams of experience as a stand-up comic and podcaster, and his video background includes hilarious clips for the late, great EconPop channel.

Heaton’s agreeable manner and sharp wit would instantly elevate “The Daily Show” beyond “clapter”-filled monologues. And, best of all, a welcome sense of surprise would return to the show.

Adam Carolla

Late night cries out for common sense, and no one delivers that kind of thinking better than this podcasting giant. Carolla leans right in a world where the Left has drifted toward Lenin-era drivel, but he, too, isn’t a tribalist at heart.

He has the sketch comedy chops, witness his hilarious run on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show.” And he won’t kiss up to political guests like Colbert and co. routinely do.

Adam Carolla wouldn’t flinch from the Cancel Culture mob, either. His “no apologies” mantra would further set him apart from the competition.

Bill Burr

The veteran stand-up doubles as an in-demand actor, witness his excellent turn in 2020’s “The King of Staten Island.”

He’s among the best comedians around today, willing to go to “problematic” places if it’ll generate laughs and insights.

He’s leans to the Left, so it won’t make the Comedy Central suits too nervous, but he’s also expert at melting down over life’s inanities. And, chances are, there’s no way Burr will sit by and let Vice President Kamala Harris’s word salad speeches go unnoticed.

Ryan Long

The Canadian comic is best known for tackling the wacky world of woke. Nobody does it better, or with more imagination.

It’s a smart part of Long’s considerable tool kit, though. His podcast shreds western culture with an unchecked sense of glee, and his withering attacks on far-left outlets like Vice make him a great choice for Noah’s seat.

The current media landscape deserves an endless ribbing.

Andrew Schulz

This comedian already auditioned for the role, unofficially speaking. His 2020 Netflix special “Schulz Saves America,” offered bite-sized snippets excoriating the latest headlines. He proved he can mock the Left and the Right, and do so with a funny-first approach.

It’s exactly what “The Daily Show” needs at this cultural moment, both humor and balance. Another host beholden to the Left won’t move the ratings needle, and unless he or she goes nuclear every third night it won’t change the current late-night dynamic.

Written by Christian Toto

Christian Toto is an award-winning film critic, journalist and founder of HollywoodInToto.com, the Right Take on Entertainment. He’s the author of “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul” and a lifelong Yankees fan. Toto lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two sons and too many chickens.

Follow Christian on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HollywoodInToto


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  1. It’ll be a nice change if they try a comedian this time. Wait Trevor Noah was supposed to be funny!?!? Honestly if I leave Comedy Central on at night n fall asleep. When his voice comes on I wake up and turn it off. Never heard him say a funny thing.

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