Les Miles Destroys Bama Heckler With Two Words At Heisman Ceremony

Les Miles is my favorite sports figure because of videos like the one you’re about to see. As he enters the Heisman Trophy ceremony Miles passes by several Alabama fans who have chosen to spend their vacation in New York City wearing Alabama apparel and waving their pom-pons on a sidewalk outside the Heisman ceremony. If you think this is strange then you haven’t spent much time around Alabama fans. As Bama fans scream, “Roll Tide,” Miles, as only Les Miles can do, responds to an Alabama fan in a houndstooth hat.

What does Miles say to the man?

“Nice hat.”

Yet, somehow, as you watch this ten second clip over and over again, you realize that Miles has singlehandedly destroyed this man with two words. I can already picture this Alabama fan, probably already drunk right now, staring at his hat in the mirror above the bar thinking, “What the hell am I doing with my life? And with this stupid hat? I’m 43 years old standing on a cold New York City sidewalk heckling an opposing coach at an award ceremony. And he just destroyed me with two words.”

Miles’s two words are so amazingly dismissive and degrading at the same time. It’s like the insult perfect storm.


I’m not even sure Miles intended it this way, but isn’t this what makes him such a genius? That we can now debate whether Miles, a man known as the mad hatter, meant the nice hat comment as an insult or not? As is the case with all men of true genius, mere mortals like you and me are left to follow in their wake unspooling their thoughts.

Faulkner had his pebble metaphor in “Absalom, Absalom!”

And now Miles has his pebble moment, “Nice hat.”

Oh, and Tyrann Mathieu’s suit? He borrowed it from Les Miles after Mathieu forgot his own. (This isn’t true, but we need to start this rumor right now).

Mathieu didn’t win the Heisman, but he can reenter the Earth’s atmosphere without burning up.

So, yeah, Honey Badger don’t give a s— about atmospheres.

(Thanks to Twitter follower @LSUJimmy for passing along the video).

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.