Leonardo da Biden: Hunter’s Selling His Artwork For Insane Money…From Anonymous Buyers

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Hunter Biden’s journey from crack addict to top-selling artist raking in huge money from anonymous and confidential buyers is complete. President Biden’s son, who once told media outlets he tried to smoke “anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine,” is now turning out art collages with massive price tags.

Here’s the catch: Hunter just started selling paintings and they’re already fetching between $75,000 and $500,000. Mark Tribe, chairman of the MFA Fine Arts Department at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, told The NY Post that Hunter’s work is “pretty strong,” adding, “I like it.”

Who’s buying these pieces from an artist who wouldn’t be fetching $100 on Etsy if he weren’t the president’s son? Nobody knows because, as is typical in the industry, buyers can remain anonymous.

Hunter, 51, who has said he “smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone that you know,” and once went on a 13-day bender without sleeping while “smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time” seems to have found his calling, even though he’s a trained lawyer. describes Biden’s work that is driving collectors crazy:

Working on canvas, metal, and Japanese Yupo paper, Biden’s artworks are often layered, with elements of photography, painting, collage, and poetry. Some are geometric abstractions, filled with patterns and somewhat hallucinogenic. Others depict trees, leaves, and body parts like outstretched arms.

In a January 2020 report by ArtNet, the site details Biden’s connections to the art world go through a lingerie entrepreneur Zoe Kestan who goes by @weed_slut_420 on Instagram.

“Sources say that, being circulated around the downtown gallery hub of Dimes Square like samizdat, are images of oil paintings of Hunter Biden—that is, images of paintings of all of Biden with nothing left to the imagination—made by another local artist who has asked dealers to not reveal her identity,” ArtNet reported in its 2020 story on Biden.

Now Biden’s selling works for half a million dollars. You tell us if this all adds up. As with everything else in Hunter Biden’s life, this one feels like a huge web of shenanigans.

Biden told ArtNet his artwork is “not a tool that I use to be able to, in any way, cope. It comes from a much deeper place,” he added.

Yeah, OK.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. So, no Outkick story on Ivory Hecker, the Fox26 (Houston) reporter who just exposed that her (now former) station’s corporate suits are into censorship and outright racism?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Outkick is owned by Fox now. Neverrrrrmind.

    That didn’t take long….

  2. He knows he has protection.
    Facebook, Google, Twitter, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post
    They will all not cover the story.

    I hate to put it this way but this has been going on for a decade. Just like cancel culture and Trump being de-platformed. It is just now that they are so powerful they no longer feel a need to hide it.

    Another story in the New York Post is interesting.
    According to earlier reports. Hunter had inappropriate pics of an underage relative on his laptop. There is a pic in the post of him with his young female cousin.

    How many of his pictures will end up in China?

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