Leftist Stephen King Turns Transphobic, Says Men Can’t Have Babies

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A few years back, trans activists came for author J.K. Rowling’s career when she derided those who claimed both men and women could menstruate. They called Rowling a transphobe. Leftists still do years later.

But she’s not the only transphobic fiction author. Not by those rules. So is Stephen King, an avowed leftist on the fringe.

Thursday — while penning a novel with the same plot as his last six; only with newly named characters — King sought to pander to his ardent progressive followers. To his credit, he has many. But in doing so, he revealed himself to be a hideous transphobe.

Again, according to leftist rules. Not ours.

Take a look:

“If men could get pregnant.”

How 2021 of Mr. King.

Hasn’t he heard? Has he not seen the updated list of emojis on his smart device?

His party adamantly states men can have babies. And who is King to declare someone a man? What is a man, anyway?

Birthing people is more apropos in the circles to which he runs.

So, will the blue-check brigade demand King apologize for his bigotry? Will the corporate press ask studios to dissociate? And will critics have to preface their reviews of his work with notes they do not condone his behavior?

Or was said persecution only applicable to Rowling? Perhaps King has built up enough Woke wealth to buy a one-time shield from the mob.

Then again, he is an old, old white man. Those are of little value to leftists.

Cringy white dudes are of little value to leftists. They oft turn out like that former ESPN and MSNBC host who sits lonely in an apartment with pets.

Still, we hope to see the ill-looking King address his tweet when he next appears on MSNBC. King soon heads on tour to promote an upcoming adaptation of his latest title “Fairy Tale,” a novel offensive to rest in the same bibliography as King’s works from the 1980s.

“Fairy Tale” isn’t even worth a read for the men hunkered down at home in postpartum.

Written by Bobby Burack

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