Left Trying To Cancel 3-Time ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner After Victory Celebration Sign

Cancel culture is out of control. There are plenty of examples to support that statement, and the latest came late last week. Kelly Donohue, a now three-time Jeopardy! winner, has been labeled a white supremacist after he made a hand gesture following his third victory.

So what was the hand gesture in question? Well, see for yourself.

Donohue is now being accused of flashing a “white power” sign. Of course, this infuriated the cancel culture wokesters on the Left. Former Jeopardy! players demanded an apology, and people all over social media have been slamming him.

Except, Donohue had just won his third round of Jeopardy!. He was flashing his current win total, as he did the first AND second time he won the popular game show. Here’s proof:

It is wild that we’re even having this conversation.

Here’s what happened: someone saw the three-finger win sign and thought they had found cancel culture gold. Whoever it is believes they had cracked the code, and they were ready to make Donohue pay.

Then the real intentions of the hand gesture were realized, and no one wants to say “oops, my bad ” and own up to their mistake. Now Donohue — and Jeopardy! — are the ones paying for it. This entire situation is absolutely ridiculous.

Donohue issued an apology for how the hand gesture may have come off.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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    • Maybe he did maybe he didn’t either way no foul. The left lost their collective mind long ago. To care even the slightest when they’re upset would be a complete waste of time.

    • He made the 3 signal, I can’t assume he flashed a ok to cause faux outrage. Anyway, I never think of these stupid things when I make hand signals, I’m fairly certain no one does…except gang members.

  1. And to think it started as a troll on the ok symbol by putting a w and p red line over it but then again leftists are addicted to outrage so they weren’t getting it that they were being played.

  2. And it will continue on like this in America, mostly against civil non-liberal people, until people start standing up for themselves and blasting these MFers that are perpetuating this bullshit.
    That’s what it will take, and that will be the only deterrent.

    Otherwise this will continue on schedule…

  3. You never “apologize” when you didn’t do anything wrong. He comes across as a pathetic weasel. His reply should have been “Are people THAT stupid?”. Then hire a lawyer and take out whatever Twitterhead started the nonsense.

  4. So, the whole OK as a white power symbol, as many know, started as a joke to prove how gullible people are and that something as innocuous as the OK sign could be turned into a “hate signal.”

    I guess in an odd way they do have the last laugh but the rest of us are now stuck with the potential of being accused of racism for using the OK hand gesture. I’ve been using it for way too long to prevent my brain from using it every now and then. Oh well. Have fun scuba fans.

    The thought police just wouldn’t let this guy go by having him say he didn’t intend any harm. I promote and agree with the sentiment that I see here fairly often, “Explain what you mean by your words and actions and do not apologize if hypersensitive, or paranoid people find offense in what you do or say.”

    I know it is a lot easier to state that in a forum like this where my job might not be at stake. I know, however, that I have to be extremely careful about what I say at work. Any joke or political reference on a Microsoft Teams call is met with steely silence or someone joking (essentially, warning) back about letting HR know.

    Work is an austere place now. There isn’t very much left that you can joke about aside from maybe the weather and there are probably people that get offended about that. I prefer to work from home and express my views in a forum like this.

    I seriously wouldn’t even bring up Lebron’s name at work. I know someone in a cube close to mine that got very upset when someone criticized him for crying over being fouled and tried to turn it into a political case! No joke, even though it is a joke. The threat to take the person to HR was real and the guy decided to just quietly walk away versus jeopardizing his job.

    • Next time I dive I am going to have a picture taken of me flashing “OK” underwater and post it on the internet. I am sure that will set off a whole “scuba is racist” tirade by obtuse leftists.

    • Agreed with all of that. I thank God daily that I have my own business for many reasons and this is one of those reasons. Fuck cancel culture and fuck people who have no sense of humor.

  5. Like most things the left invents – trigger warnings, safe spaces, micro-aggressions, systemic racism – they have created something out of nothing with “white supremacy”. It is a phantom. The left lives for hatred and division so when things are good it has to make up Boogie Men.

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