Lee Corso Flips The Script, Picks TCU To Win CFP National Championship After Nearly Calling It For Georgia

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Is he insane?

No, he’s Lee Corso.

As ESPN’s panel of college football analysts submitted their final picks for Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship, Lee Corso pulled the rug out from millions of viewers when he picked Sonny Dykes’ Horned Frogs to upset the Georgia Bulldogs.

At first, it looked like Corso was ready to pick the ‘Dawgs. He nearly put on the Bulldog head, right after Pat McAfee gave a compelling case for the NFL-ready Georgia defense to contain Max Duggan and the TCU offense.

Corso Flips The Script (ESPN)

But Corso dropped the massive UGA head, to the shock and awe of his panel. Corso then put on a TCU hat, solidifying his underdog pick.

Look at Pat McAfee (left) (ESPN)

It was a glorious bit of theatrics to warm us up for what should be an incredible game between Georgia and TCU.


After flopping on his semifinals picks (Georgia-Ohio State, Michigan-TCU), will it be three straight L’s for Lee after Monday night’s championship duel?

Like he said, TCU’s a team of destiny. And if you had to go with a true underdog, why not bet on Dykes’ Cinderella team?

I’ll go with Corso on this one: Horned Frogs beat Kirby Smart’s crew for the championship title.

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  1. Corso needs to retire. I don’t care about the pick being wrong, but he was barely understandable and messed up the mascot after putting on the TCU hat. I know it goes back to the stroke, but he’s really struggling to be understood. He’s left an indelible mark, but it’s time to retire.

  2. Forget Corso. He’s entitled to every mistake he’s made – he’s earned it over the years. The problem is Pat fricking McAfee. Is this guy paid by every word he speaks? When Corso retires and Herbie goes on to bigger and better things, I am switching to Fox. Between Desmond’s constant cackling laugh and McAfee not shutting up, dominating the conversation I will have had enough.

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