Lee Corso Is Officially Back, Holds Live Duck On College Gameday Set Like The Legend He Is

Earlier this month, social media tried to kill Lee Corso - literally - when he missed few ESPN College Gameday shows. This morning, he spent five minutes holding a live duck on set, signaling the GOAT of college football is officially BACK, baby!

College Gameday is live from Eugene, Oregon today ahead of the 3:30 p.m. UCLA-Oregon showdown.

The No. 10 Ducks haven't missed a beat despite losing coach Mario Cristobal to Miami, while Chip Kelly has No. 9 UCLA relevant again for the first time in what seems like forever.

Anyway, it should be a good game, but good luck following up Corso's on-set antics!

Lee Corso misses College Gameday due to health issues


Corso, 87, missed back-to-back shows earlier this month when he was "feeling under the weather," giving college football fans around the country a scare.

Corso's been a staple of the show since its launch nearly three decades ago and really never misses a Saturday.

Coach has obviously lost some of his fastball over the last few years, is absent for large portions of the three-hour telecast, and didn't travel with the rest of the crew for the entire 2020 season due to COVID.

When Corso missed two straight weeks, it certainly gave the college football world pause ... but, in typical Lee Corso fashion, he woke up Saturday morning, said 'Not So Fast!' and then held a live duck for five minutes on set.


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