LeBron Tweets #FreeWoj, Which Would’ve Been Astonishing Once Upon a Time

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#FreeWoj has been trending on Twitter pretty much since immediately after Outkick first reported that Adrian Wojnarowski was suspended by ESPN for emailing “fuck you” to Senator Josh Hawley in response to an email about the NBA and China.

A number of NBA players including Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, Enes Kanter, Anthony Tolliver, Jamal Murray, Spencer Dinwiddie, Myles Turner, and Bam Adebayo expressed their support with or in response to this hashtag, but nothing has been quite like LeBron James weighing in:

This wouldn’t be crazy in a vacuum right now. LeBron criticized Daryl Morey for speaking up for Hong Kong protestors (a tweet that, ironically in the context of this current story, Wojnarowski liked and cost himself considerable business in China) and is vocally anti-Trump. However, the fact that this happened considering Wojnarowski wrote a number of SCATHING columns about him years ago at Yahoo Sports is pretty astonishing for anyone who remembers reading them.

The enemy of my enemy, etc.

In case you’re somehow new to this story, Senator Hawley tagged Outkick in the tweet where he shared the photo of Wojnarowski responding “Fuck you”:

Woj apologized soon after the photo was shared:

Senator Hawley told OutKick that he wanted actions, not apologies.

ESPN was in an impossible spot here, and suspended Wojnarowski. With LeBron, a number of NBA players and even some colleagues like Jay Williams, Booger McFarland, and Maria Taylor tweeting in support of Wojnarowski over the past couple days, it is arguable that he will emerge from his suspension in a position of even greater strength after all this dust has settled.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Can you agree that they should free Woj but not agree with #freewoj? It’s like agreeing that black lives matter but not accepting the political ideology of the organization Black Lives Matter.

    Woj shouldn’t have been suspended (cancelling is kind of the opposite of DBAP), but the #freewoj movement is ultimately Chinese Propaganda. To support this hashtag, you are essentially saying you don’t care about LITERAL slaves in Xinjiang or the end of democracy in Hong Kong — siding with at best uninformed millionaire athletes and Chinese Communist Party ideology.

  2. What a Role Model Lebron is! I hope all the inner-city under-privileged youth aspire to be like him as the Social Media Mentor. Flipping off anyone has now become acceptable bahavior. Hope the NBA TANKS!

  3. So to recap Lebron can furiously condemn Drew Brees not for telling anyone else what to do but simply for personally not wanting to kneel during our national anthem. LeBron can’t be bothered to condemn D. Jackson for his ugly actual racism, old school vulgar anti-semetism of the kind rarely heard nowadays beyond Farrakhan. But he can be bothered to support a reporter who threw a tantrum over the NBA being called out on its obvious tacit acceptance (silence is complicity as we’re told) of the literally systemic oppression of ethnic minorities in China despite ostensibly being the wokest of leagues. Not pay gaps or unequal treatment by police, but actually one million people (think the entire population of San Jose, CA) held in work camps against their will with no end in sight based simply on their ethnicity. Yet not only can he not be bothered to speak out, he actually defends those who criticize those who do.

    From what I can see LeBron’s message is apparently racism is bad if it’s against him and his, but basically OK against everyone else – and moreover he will actively protect it if they’re signing his checks. He’s a hypocrite & a fraud. I think I’ve had enough lectures on morality from LeBron. He should take a lesson from Mark Twain – “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  4. We need to have a Virtue Signal awards show so these people can get their due respect. Just think of all the categories: the top virtue signaler from opinion commentators masquerading as news anchors, the best lyrical virtue signaling in a rap song, the best virtue signaling on a grammatically incorrect diatribe on a t-shirt, the best virtue signaling on a poster that turns an issue completely around, and a special virtue award for bringing down somebody who does *tangible good deeds* because virtue slogans are more important than actions.

    Normal people would choke on the thick smug air but the SJW crowd breathes it in and gains energy and strength from it.

    I just wish Lebron had stumbled over himself logically while not correcting (and possibly supporting) DeSean Jackson’s misattributing a horribly anti-Semitic to Hitler (vile on top of stupid) and then Stephen Jackson doubling down on supporting it multiple times as well! They are like the Keystone cops of anti-Semites. You definitely understand their racist intent, but they are so uneducated that they can’t even get it “right.”

    And the vast majority of the dominant, establishment media (there is nothing “mainstream” about them) treat Lebron and Stephen Jackson so solemnly and seriously when they are interviewing them. The questions they get are a combination of underhanded softballs and straight-up tee-balls. Then cut to the furrowed eyebrows and sour face of the anchor dripping with contempt over Drew Brees’ comments? Huh?

  5. James doesn’t care enough to know enough to have an opinion. This is easy money for him. It’s a cash grab plain and simple and he becomes the easy dupe of the race-baiting Marxists. LaPawn is more suitable name for this guy. Feel free to use it, liberally, so to speak.

  6. Can we actually have two intelligent individuals sit down and have an honest debate? No. The left doesn’t have an argument. Why else would they change the topic, name call or now, just flat out saying, “FU”? It will hurt all of these folks’ bottom line. Then they will have an epiphany and say, “I believe the USA is the greatest country in the world. And the critical thinkers will say, “Duh”.

  7. My son’s middle name is Kobe. Seriously. It’s on his birth certificate. I watched or listed to all of part of every game Kobe ever played from his very first preseason game to his last game. I watched the Showtime Lakers win five rings. I suffered through the early 90s and mid-2000s. I will never watch another NBA game.

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