LeBron James Produced ‘House Party’ Movie Delayed

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Jacob Latimore, who’s set to star in New Line’s reimagining of the 1990 comedy, ‘House Party’, now says the film is delayed until next year.

LeBron James’ Spring Hill Company will be producing the remake that was set to release on HBO Max.

Latimore joined the ‘It’s Tricky’ Podcast with Raquel Harper to share some details on the film’s production.

Latimore says due to recent changes in production, the film won’t drop until sometime next year. He also shared how impressed he was that LeBron James could work long hours at the studio and still find the time to spend with his family, while mixing in long hours at the gym. LeBron has always impressed with his work ethic — we have no remixes to his extensive track record of being a relentless worker.

No further updates were given on the film other than the fact Latimore believes it’ll be good. An actor thinks his own film will be epic? No surprise there.

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  1. Has LeBron James had an original thought in his life? First, he tries to copy Jordan. Then he tries to copy Kobe. Then he claims to invent Taco Tuesday. Then he does a reboot of Space Jam. Now House Party.

    Hey, if it makes you money, awesome. Would do the same thing. But please stop acting like you came up with it on your own

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