LeBron James Appears To Get In Heated Argument With Fan During Loss

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LeBron James appeared to exchange some very heated words with a fan Wednesday night.

The Lakers dropped a rivalry game to the Clippers 125-118, and the four-time NBA champion didn’t seem to be happy with his a fan supporting his team.

In a video from ClutchPoints, a fan wearing a Kobe Bryant appeared to be chirping possibly about championships as LeBron shouted back “I got you one.”

It’s always a great look when you’re arguing with fans of your own team.

LeBron James loves attention.

There has never been a moment for attention LeBron James didn’t insert himself in. The Lakers star simply loves being under the spotlight.

He’s possibly worth more than a billion dollars, and he’s out here arguing with a Lakers fan. Why? Why is that necessary, LeBron?

Of course, we all know the answer. He just can’t stop himself. LeBron James loves being the center of attention.

LeBron James argues with fan during Lakers/Clippers game. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

It’s his entire brand. If there’s a camera or a moment for him to shine a light on himself, he’ll take it. Whether that’s arguing with a fan or doxxing a police officer, it doesn’t matter.

Count him in. Let’s remember, he tweeted and later deleted a picture of a police officer who had to shoot a teenager in order to stop a girl from being stabbed. Even in the worst situations, he makes it about himself.

The only subject LeBron James can’t bring himself to talk about is the crimes of the CCP in China. The ruling communist party has him in its pocket and knows damn well he wouldn’t dare stand up to its crimes and human rights violations.

In fact, LeBron will actually defend China if necessary. When Daryl Morey supported freedom in Hong Kong and kicked the hornets’ nest with China, the Lakers star decided attacking freedom of speech was his best avenue.

Again, LeBron James just can’t help himself.

Next time, just chill out and don’t waste your time arguing with a fan. However, something tells me LeBron James definitely won’t listen to that advice.

Written by David Hookstead

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