Let’s Hope LeBron James Reads And Comprehends The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

LeBron James says he’s reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. 

Is he?

On Wednesday, via Instagram, James posted a picture of himself, shirtless, riding a stationary bike and wearing earbuds while reading the iconic book. On Thursday, following the Lakers 111-88 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, LeBron carried the book into his postgame news conference. Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks asked James for his biggest takeaway on the book. You can listen to his complete response on Rooks’ embedded tweet below. 

Here’s a bit of what James said:

“It’s him understanding how powerful the negro can be. He uses that word a lot. But we have to unite and we have to to be together and we have to stand strong because there’s always going to be obstacles. There’s always going to be things that’s going to be thrown at us where they try to weaken us, they try to make us feel like we’re not kings and queens and it’s going to come from all different races and all different shapes and sizes and things of that nature.”

James said this was his first time reading the book start to finish. 

I’m wondering where did he start and when does he plan to finish. I’d love to talk with James about the book. I’ve read it start to finish three times. No book has had a more profound impact on my worldview than Alex Haley’s telling of the life of Malcolm X. 

The Orange County Register’s Kyle Goon spotted James reading the book Thursday outside of Lakers coach Frank Vogel’s postgame press conference. Goon said it appeared James was early into his reading of the book

Hmm. The first half of the book focuses on the life of Malcolm Little, the child and man before his conversion to Islam and a one-letter last name. The first eight to 10 chapters detail the poor mental health of Malcolm’s mother, Malcolm’s three-year life with a white foster family, the Swerlins, his move to Boston with his sister, friendships with Sammy the Pimp, numbers runner West Indian Archie and Shorty, his white girlfriend Sophia, his fall into drug abuse, drug dealing and robbery and his subsequent 10-year prison sentence. 

What book is LeBron reading?

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is one of the most powerful pieces of literature ever written. It goes to great lengths to explain just how far Malcolm Little fell before undergoing a religious transformation while in prison. 

I’m a Christian. I disagree with the theology espoused by the Nation of Islam and find its demonization of Jews and white people reprehensible. But I will never deny that Elijah Muhammad’s religion transformed many career criminals into better human beings.  Malcolm X is exhibit A. 

What book is LeBron reading?

Inauthenticity is my problem with LeBron. His headfirst dive into politics and social justice warrioring has made him as phony an athlete as we’ve ever seen. He’s a full-blown politician willing to say and do anything to advance an agenda.

After his servants told him vandals spray-painted the n0-word on the gate of his $20 million Brentwood, California mansion, the dude compared himself to Emmett Till’s mother. LeBron never saw the graffiti. Neither did police. LeBron’s servants removed it before police could investigate. LeBron was in Ohio at the time of the alleged crime. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old child brutally murdered in Mississippi. Spray paint is equivalent to murder?

Now LeBron’s life is dedicated to avenging the death of Breonna Taylor? Now he’s posing for pictures reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X?

Stop it. LeBron has more in common with Vanilla Ice than Emmett Till’s mama. LeBron is a studio social justice warrior. He’s dedicated to promoting the narrative that black people are perpetual victims incapable of sustaining themselves without the assistance of white liberals.

What book is LeBron reading? Malcolm’s thoughts on the Swerlin family directly contradict the narrative LeBron is promoting. 

I’m tired of the media selling LeBron’s fraudulence. It’s all staged. No one inside the NBA’s China Bubble is authorized to question LeBron’s political posturing. Rooks and others pitch LeBron daily softballs.

I hope LeBron takes the time to read The Autobiography. I hope he engages in conversations with people who can help him find the deeper meaning of the book. 

Malcolm’s life is a testament to the power of the human mind when it is inspired by religious faith. Malcolm Little was a depraved drug addict and criminal. Malcolm X — and later El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz — was an intellectual force respected across the globe.

Here’s what Malcolm X said about the political puppet masters controlling black celebrities:

“The worst enemy that the negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love negroes and calling himself a liberal, and it’s following these white liberals that has perpetuated the problems that negros have. If the negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then negros would get together and solve our own problems.”

Keep reading, LeBron. Start at page 1 and call me when you’re ready for a real discussion about Malcolm X. 

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. The eyes are a window to the soul, and there could not be a greater contrast between the eyes of Malcolm X and Lebron James on the cover page. I read the Autobiography when I was too young to fully understand it, but at that early age I also loved the works of Langston Hughes, Richard Wright and Dick Gregory. These men were true thinkers, inspiring change in the world.

    Fast forward to 2020 and the side by side comparison of Malcolm and Lebron, in Malcolm’s eyes you see a man who has fought MANY literal and figurative battles in his life, a man who is intellectually strong enough to admit his mistakes and is always learning and improving himself. In Lebron’s eyes you see an entitled billionaire of the video game generation. His eyes tell me that he has the mind and soul of a confused 14 year old boy, and unless he finally does read books like the Autobiography of Malcolm X, he always will.

  2. Thanks, Jason…for calling out the fraud that he has become.
    What’s up with “kings and queens”? He said that in his HS Graduation special, too.
    I thought we had to work our way up to becoming royalty?

  3. Great article Jason! Last summer on SFY, you recommended this book. The next day, I checked it out at the library and read in a week. Most informative book I’ve ever read. Thanks for the suggestion and keep up the great work you’re doing at Outkick! Proud to be a member.

  4. Vanilla Ice comparison is so on point. Just so happens to have that book handy for photo ops. He should’ve read that book without photos and spoke on it after. Staged photos, staged media questions, and terrible defense is my take from the bubble.

  5. Jason, there is a reason you are where you are in life and profession. LeBron is saddling up every day drawing a drink from the racist troft. How about giving it a break. I heard the players in the league are miserable and quite honestly I couldn’t give 2 F’s. Busting my tail daily, providing for my family and married to woman who would best be described as a bitch and I’m keeping it going every day. I think the paper towel Brawny suffered greatly from not having the love and guidance of a dad. I think he hates himself. What else explains that daily whining. Maybe when you end up getting everything you could possibly want and still bitching at every turn you’re probably a loser.

  6. No problem with reading about Malcom X next he should educate himself about the chicoms and their long history of human rights violations slave labor political prisoners squashing the Muslim population.The current situation in Hong Kong and on and on but not a peep about that. Considering that he just comes across as a phony all for show X was not a phony nor a millionaire living behind gates in Brentwood he gave his life for his beliefs.

  7. If you buckle down (an ode to my soon to be 91 year old dad and recent OK radio listener) you can go a long long way in a positive direction in this country. I get the idea that there are hurdles more so for some than others. When you have someone of LeBron’s stature and to a lesser extent Slopovitch and Kerr the Stir complaining daily of the struggle and not pushing for personal responsibility you are harming this country and making it worse than you found it. Until you stay and raise your kids, you will have this 50, 100 and many more years going forward. Don’t be the group that is forever ID”d as suppressed.

  8. JW. Please keep calling out the buffoonery that has engrossed all of these fucktards… especially LeLame. I’m super stoked on being a VIP member and reading all of the intelligent content on the daily. Thanks guys.

    • Something new every day, Jason…we all can learn, as you’ve said many times. You ARE the best, Jason…and I loved it when you said “fearless” on SFY, b/c that’s what you are!!!

  9. Jason, this is another accurate and astute take, on your part, of LeBron James. I’ve been watching you for years and you were probably the first journalist I recognized as seeing LeBron the way I did. I’ve pieced it all together and would like to share what I have come up with. In this video I compare him with Michael Jordan. You have LeBron as a Negative Emotional Energy person and Jordan as Positive Emotional Energy. This distinction is made based on LeBron having a Feminine Perceived Authority Figure and Michael a Masculine Perceived Authority Figure. A heads up to all, I know I start out a little slow in the beginning but please be patient. There is no easy way to introduce so many new concepts at a single time. Please don’t hesitate to criticize. Any feedback is welcome! Keep up the GREAT work and Thank You!

  10. it is all a show, my guess is that this is the first book he has ever read. What a complete joke. The white liberal is the biggest racist. The white liberal historically has been the biggest racist. The bigotry of low expectations is the main tool used by the racist liberal. Just like Malcom X said the loudest liberal who claims whites have “white privilege” is the worst racist. I have lived this and as a latino who went to university in Boston in the 90’s i recognized that very fact about the liberals. Most of my professors from ivy league schools would softly denegrate me like I wasn’t good enough. I am a Cuban American from Miami (and very proud) and I don’t need your affirmative action or your reparations or your victimization or your government crap.

    • Andres, great post………I doubt Lebron will finish the book. He’ll probably just skim through it quickly, reading a page here and there while he’s on his stationary bike. I do, however, hope that he someday listens to what Malcom X had to say about white liberals. I mean, Lebron and these athletes have millions. They can continue to invest (like Lebron did in Liverpool FC) in sports, buy sports franchises (like Patrick Mahomes), and actually do some good in communities as opposed to doing all these ridiculous gestures and race baiting tactics which tear the country apart. The only things holding them back from utilizing their money to help communities are their own mindset and their need to suck up to racist white liberals.

    • Andres, I appreciate your post. To me, that’s what being a proud American is all about. Your outcome in life is measured by the hard work you put in. Sadly, most people on the left don’t see it that way. They see themselves as victims.

  11. So watched LeBron’s faux show using Malcolm X autobiography as a prop…and how disrespectful is that before anything else I would say???

    If you listen to LBJ he starts talking about “things are gonna be thrown at us”…to make us feel less like kings and queens, etc, etc. And “we have to stick together…”.

    So correct me if I’m wrong but, by and large, the Black Community has stuck together…voting probably 95% for democrats who run the large metro areas. Result: Jobs in the toilet, housing in the toilet, schools in the toilet, education in the toilet, lousy health care options (thanks Obama).

    Pres. Trump asked “what have you got to lose?” and Trump got 8% of black votes (29% of Hispanic/Latino). All the things Black America says are important to them…and they give him a whopping 8% of the black vote. 50 years or so, LeBron…that’s what you’ve gotten for your monolithic voting mindset. But YOU’RE doing just fine, aren’tcha?

  12. In another quote, LeBron referred to the people of Akron as “my people.” Yet, he has deserted them not once but twice. In his infamous “I’m coming home.” letter, he wrote that “I feel my calling here goes above basketball. I always believed that I’d return to Cleveland and finish my career there. My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball.”

    A few years later, he left again. Turns out the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is also bigger than basketball —- and bigger than “his” people.

  13. He’s like the wild eyed teenager who became obsessed with ISIS propaganda on the internet. Decided to go to the 5* ISIS camp in Syria. Eventually, he’s going to meet his coaches and camp mates. Then he’s going to go, uh oh.

  14. All signs point to Lebron either lying about reading the book, or he just doesn’t understand what he is reading and needs some Cliff Notes to power him through. What is Hollywood James doing having earbuds in his ears while reading a book? It is possible he just has white noise going so that he can focus on what he is reading. Or he was listening along to the Audiobook while reading, but I doubt it.
    Not really reading/comprehending anything in the book leads to his glassy eyed, glossed over look while he is feverishly searching his mind for some banal response when he was pressed ever so slightly by the reporter. If someone gave me his response, I would stop them and challenge them one actually reading the book. Jason rightly points out that what he commented on has nothing to do with the beginning of the book. I bet that reporter didn’t mean to embarrass LeBron but it happened.
    As Rick pointed out, the spine is not even cracked, and Lebron looked very uncomfortable holding that book. The whole thing is a sham.

  15. I think Lebrons response to the reporters question was a very poor response whether he actually read the book or not. Is it me or does his response sound highly divisive. The fact that someone in America with so much, still feels the obligation and or need to speak and think like this is troubling. Lastly this is how the chip on the shoulder of many American Black people is passed on and acquired.

  16. Jason killer as usual autobiography of Malcolm X one of the best in history. Wish it was a required reading in any upper level history class. He exposed the liberal Democrats for what they were in the early 60’s. Called LBJ the fox knowing there was always another agenda he didn’t have much use for the Republicans but said you knew where you stood. That might be an earth shattering revelation for Lebron of course no one in bubble would ask him that. The other lesson Lebron could take from the book was hunger he gained to self educate him self in jail reading everything he could on all subjects hour after hour. In an interview he said even not attending college he felt his self education allowed him to debate people with a PHD. Lebron would have a powerful platform spread that message and apply it to his own life. The last great lesson Lebron could learn from the book is how Malcolm X changed when taking his pilgrimage to Mecca and found all Muslims were not black learned the truth came back sharing a new perspective believe Nation of Islam had to silence him. We ended up with couple posts of complaints kudos to all of you who comment with intelligent feed back on a regular basis it is greatly appreciated. Jason bless you the lord is good putting you at outkick keep it coming

    • There are some great interviews on the YouTube program Uncommon Knowledge with world renowned Economist Dr. Thomas Sowell where he indirectly gives advice to all people, but especially to young black people. At one point the interviewer sums it up as “Stay employed, and stay married, and your life will be significantly better.” And Dr. Sowell replies something to the extent of “Pretty much”.

      That’s the message young and even middle aged American’s desperately need to hear.

  17. Thanks for your candid thoughts and strong voice Jason. THIS is why I’m a subscriber. You also made me want to read Malcom X’s Autobiography. Curiosity is a good thing to have in today’s challenging world. You are a voice of reason and a breath of fresh air. If Jason Whitlock tells me he’s read this 3 times cover to cover I’m IN!

  18. Beautiful retort, Whit! Lefraud continues to symbolize every cliche of the “woke” celeb coddled culture! 3 questions about the book and he’d be shuffling through pages, stammering like a kid that forgot read a homework assignment in class 😆

  19. I started reading about Malcolm X 40 years ago as a white kid interested in the world I was growing up in. I read books about social justice (The Strawberry Statement, The Essential Lenny Bruce and others along with news about MX and MLK)
    I sincerely believe that if LeBron is only getting there NOW, he has forfeited the term ‘Negro’. Hey LeBron – shut up and cash your checks.

  20. Jason, I have a question for you. I’ve read several books about Malcolm X. I’ve always been leary of the Haley book. There seems to be some question about how accurate it is. You evidently don’t agree with that. Thanks for all you do.

  21. Jason Lebron James has probably never read a book from cover to cover .Why would he. At 12 years old he new basketball was going to be his money maker . He’s became one of the best players ever. The question is would I ask a journalist for advice on how to treat cancer or ask a Dr. how the fix a car or a plumber to do and x ray . Malcolm X was a very complex humane being .James need to stick to basketball when he doesn’t he looks bad .Just like the TV show The Shop Very weak intellectually.

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