Lawyer Denise Rocha Turns To A Sex Swing & Lingerie In Quest To Become The Most Followed Brazilian On OnlyFans

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If you’re looking for a lawyer who also makes content for OnlyFans then Denise Rocha might just be for you. Especially if you’re going through a divorce because you’re an unfaithful spouse. The Brazilian lawyer has become an expert on the subject.

But don’t let the claims that she didn’t give up on her career as a lawyer fool you. The 39-year-old isn’t spending much time inside of a courtroom these days. Rocha appears to be enjoying a life filled with travel and plenty of other interests that have nothing to do with legal matters.

Denise Rocha World's Hottest Lawyer Brazilian OnlyFans Lawyer
Lawyer and OnlyFans model who gives cheating men legal advice (Image Credit: Denise Rocha/Instagram)

One of those interests is naked yoga. Rocha’s a yoga practitioner and said of this particular brand of yoga, “In it we do the position without clothes and we can feel even more free.” This interest has more to with physical and mental fitness than anything else.

Another of her interests is becoming the most followed Brazilian on OnlyFans. That’s a quest she’s taking very seriously and has even enrolled in a sexology course in order to assist in that endeavor.

Rocha believes the course will teach her more about the universe of sex. She thinks she’ll be able to incorporate this in her personal relationships as well as content.

Without a scoreboard to keep track it’s hard to tell how she’s doing in becoming the most followed Brazilian on the exclusive content platform. That said, she does appear to have picked up a thing or two from the course.

In a reminder about her course, Rocha implemented what looks like a new way to interact with her followers. While sitting on a sex swing in red lingerie she sought out some engagement from her 3.5 million followers.

Denise Rocha’s Putting Her Knowledge To Good Use

Rocha opened her caption up by saying, “I like to play with fire. My desires are flammable!” She added, “As many know, I’m taking a sexology course and I’d like to hear from you – single, married, tangled up (lol) what do you think about spicing up the relationship with a themed fantasy?”

There’s an open invitation for some feedback although Instagram is probably a difficult place for anyone to share. There were hundreds of comments on the picture, but not other than compliments on her look.

Again, without some sort of scoreboard to keep track it’s hard to tell exactly where she stands. If I had to take a guess she’s got some ground to make up.

Those on the top are creating the courses, not taking them. That doesn’t mean the student can’t turn into the teacher. That’s certainly in the cards.

The last time we heard from the OnlyFans lawyer she was bragging about making $100,000 a month off of a combo package she was slinging to cheating men. So she’s figure part of the game out.

Is the sex swing/lingerie engagement content what she needs to reach the top? It can’t hurt.

Written by Sean Joseph

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