Lawmakers From Both Sides Criticize Pentagon For Keeping National Guard At The Capitol

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Republicans and Democrats rarely agree on anything. OK, they never do. But ready or not, they seem to have found some common ground.

No, really. Lawmakers from both sides really are criticizing the Pentagon’s decision to keep National Guard troops at the Capitol complex until the end of May. It came after the Pentagon granted the Capitol Police’s request to keep about 2,300 guardsmen in the nation’s capitol for another two months.

“We cannot ignore the financial costs associated with this prolonged deployment, nor can we turn a blind eye to the effects it will soon have on the National Guard’s overall readiness,” Rep. Mike Rogers, and Chairman Adam Smith, who is a Democrat, said in a joint statement.

According to The Hill, the additional two months of security will cost $111 million.

Along with guards, the Capitol is currently surrounded by a fence with razor wire, keeping the public from entering the grounds.

“Do we need some changes? We probably do,” Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell said. “But it looks terrible to have the beacon of our democracy surrounded by razor wire.”

McConnell went on to say the whole thing is “overdone.”

House Armed Services Committee leaders from both parties agreed, saying they’re “deeply troubled” by the measures that are still in place.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. just more proof that Obiden and his followers like Pelosi and Shumer are psychopaths. they telegraph what they plan to do by criticizing others.

    dems said Trump would wall off the capitol with troops and become a King, but Obiden is the new King.

    if $1.9 trillion in fake progressivism isn’t enough, het ready for whats coming next …

    (Obamacare came after the $900 billion fake stimulus in 2009. Imagine what Obiden has planned after $1.9 trillion of fake corona spending)

  2. It’s all about keeping the bogey man narrative alive. The media willingly plays right along. Remember the massive protests that were supposed happen in all 50 state capitols on Inauguration Day? Never happened . Just a few weeks ago, there was supposed to be a massive protest at the capitol. This “threat” was accompanied by 5 separate bylines from the Washington Post. Never happened. We still have National Guard troops in the capitol with a security fence. The honeymoon is over for the man “leading” the country. The media and the establishment are scrambling to cover for him. The problem is that there are too many cracks in this flawed facade.

  3. It’s all for the optics. Pelosi and Schumer are trying to convey to America that because what happened on January 6 the National Guard needs to protect our do nothing Congress from those millions of white supremacists that live in our country possibly being unleashed by Donald Trump. Democrat leadership continues to destroy this nation.

  4. I am curious as to WHICH state’s national guard troops are currently assigned to “protect” Washington, DC?

    As I understand it, the national guard troops actually report to the Governor of the state in which their unit is assigned, and only in EXTREME national emergency can a US President call out the national guard. Kennedy mobilized the Mississippi national guard against its own fellow citizens to enforce James Merideth’s enrollment at Ole Miss in 1962. Trump threatened to utilize guard troops to quell rioting in 2020. National Guard troops have been utilized (rightly so) for Hurricane Katrina, etc.

    Using MILITARY TROOPS as a police force is EXPRESSLY forbidden under US federal law (“posse comitatus”), while there are “loopholes” in permitting national guard troops to assist in restoring order provided the troops are REQUESTED BY an adjacent state’s GOVERNOR.

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