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Rocks, rocks, and more rocks, including the one my son hit his head on

The theme of the weekend around here had to be rocks. As I told you guys Friday, my wife and I had a date with the rock yard Saturday morning where we bought somewhere around a half-ton of river rock boulders to finish off a garden bed we’d been tinkering with over the last couple of weeks. Like I said Friday, there’s nothing like scheduling some alone time with your wife and spending it buying rocks. Big rocks. Medium rocks. Small filler rocks.

The border wall was constructed Saturday, which left Sunday wide open. Yep, the 8-year-old wanted to climb rocks. Around here there aren’t many cliffs to scale, so I thought the next best thing would be to head out to Marblehead, OH to climb on the massive boulders along the shoreline. The kids did their thing, the dog enjoyed jumping on rocks, and we were 15 yards of boulders away from leaving without a scratch when the 4-year-old slipped, went down and the back of his head met one of the boulders. It hurts me just thinking of that clanking sound of his head off the rock. The boulder climbing was over, but the little guy got his emotions under control for a nearby playground expedition.

And with that, our weekend of rocks was over without a concussion, a trip to the ER (these days I figure we’re at least going to Urgent Care) or blood of any sort. All in all, it was a successful weekend.

• Sounds like it was a wild time in Galveston where there were 86 arrests in 24 hours at the ‘Go Topless’ Jeep Weekend. Texas news outlets say most of the arrests were for public intox, not nudity. Don’t get sucked into that headline today while out there scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. The Jeeps go topless, not the partygoers.

• I see that Macy’s is putting its foot down on Chrissy Teigen’s throat by pulling her cookware from its website because of how Teigen bullied Courtney Stodden back in the day. Life sure comes at you fast. One day you’re telling a teen to kill herself, the next thing you know, your cookware is being yanked.

• It feels like this is going to be another Tim Tebow headline week. Urban Meyer said this weekend that he’d be meeting with his staff on Sunday to talk about making a Tebow decision. You have to give Urban credit here for making the Jags relevant in May by creating drama. The guy is already an NFL content machine, which should be celebrated, not torn down like the blue checkmarks have been doing.

• Great job by everyone who is taking part in the Thursday Night Mowing League movement that started Friday. It looks like we are starting to develop rules for the league, and people seem to be on board with what I laid out over the weekend. Let’s hear your other TNML rules.

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