Las Vegas Raiders Say Clarence Davis Has Died, And Then Say He Hasn’t

Earlier today the Las Vegas Raiders mourned the passing of former running back Clarence Davis and that is sad and terrible and the team should be commended for the tribute.

Tweet sent out by the Las Vegas Raiders Thursday afternoon from Twitter.

The problem is the Raiders eventually found out Davis is not dead. The 73-year-old Sea Of Hands hero for the franchise is still alive.

“The Raiders received notice of Clarence Davis’ passing but have found that information to be false,” a statement sent out by the team within the hour states. “The Raiders extend our deepest apologies to the Davis family and the Raider Nation for the erroneous announcement.”


Look, Davis has been known to be in declining health. But not to that extent.

Davis played eight seasons for the then-Oakland Raiders before retiring after the 1978 season.

His career highlight came in a 1974 playoff game against the Miami Dolphins when Davis hauled in a desperation pass from quarterback Ken Stabler while surrounded by Dolphins defenders who reached for the throw.

The play, which ended the two-year Dolphins Super Bowl dominance, has since been known as the Sea of Hands play.

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