Man Tries To Run From The Cops In Vegas, Gets Hit With Instant Karma

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Running from the police is never a good idea, and a man in Las Vegas learned that lesson the hard way.

As we all know, Las Vegas is full of carnage and chaos as an adult playground, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t laws to follow.

It definitely doesn’t mean if the cops tell you to stop, you can just do whatever you want. Well, in a TikTok video making the rounds, a young man attempted to flee from the police down in the Fremont area of town, and ultimately, he got lit up like a Christmas tree.


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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s not hard to figure out. It’s actually pretty basic common sense.

Las Vegas police officer chases a man running away. (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok video

Yet, people go to Vegas and all of a sudden think the rules don’t apply at all. Tourists seem to think they’re in “The Hangover.”

Not at all, my friends. Enjoy some drinks, get a little crazy but definitely don’t run from the police. That’s a great way to end up in handcuffs ten times out of ten.

I will also say that Vegas seems a lot edgier these days. Having been there just a few days ago to experience the carnage, it definitely seems like a bit of a rougher crowd is in town compared to what it was years ago.

I was literally at a casino shortly after it was robbed because I guy just jacked chips right off the table.

Having said that, Las Vegas is still the most fun vacation spot in America, and it’s not close. We had such a good time we were toasting “Red Dawn” heroes.

Just don’t do stupid stuff like try to run from the police. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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