Las Vegas Has Kinda-Sorta, For Now At Least, Settled In With Derek Carr

It looks like the Las Vegas Raiders will be sticking with Derek Carr as the starting quarterback for 2021 — or that’s at least the plan as of right now. Things could obviously change, but the team feels like there are bigger issues that need to be addressed.

The plan to proceed with Derek Carr has been confirmed by Adam Schefter with ESPN. Here is what he had to say about it.

“There’s no intention that they are willing to move off of Derek Carr at this point in time,” Schefter said on NFL Sunday Countdown, via Bleacher Report. “Now, Jon Gruden is always looking at quarterbacks and they also have Marcus Mariota under a two-year contract, but Carr played well this year and you have to figure they’d like to stick with him going into next year. No intention to move off him at this time.”

The combination of Carr and Mariota might not be overly exciting for Raiders fans, but things could be a lot worse. Just ask the Chicago Bears, Washington Football Team or even the New England Patriots.

Outside of a Dak Prescott, there isn’t a lot to work with on the free agent market. And with the No. 17 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, it’s unlikely that there will be a quarterback of value available at that spot.

Things can always change, but as of right now, fans should get used to seeing Carr as the starter in Las Vegas. He finished the 2020 season with 4,103 yards, 27 touchdowns and only nine interceptions. It was his third straight season with more than 4,000 yards passing.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Look at how stacked the AFC is with stud young QBs


    That’s seven good to excellent AFC QBs all under 26 years of age. Titans also have Tannehill who has lots of football left in him.

    Now consider that the Jags/Jets/Dolphins draft 1-2-3 [plus Darnold and Tua, FWIW].

    These elven AFC teams should be set at the QB position for next five years at least.

    Of the other five teams, the Steelers and Colts are trying to wring the last 1-2 years of football out of Ben and Phillip Rivers. Then what?

    The remaining three teams—Patriots, Broncos and Raiders—better do something fairly dramatic or they could be in for a loooooong 5-10 years.

    Derek Carr—below .500 record, zero playoff starts, over 30 years old this March—is not the answer. Those are some soft stats in games where he team is losing, playing behind the most expensive O-line in the NFL. He wilts under any kind of pressure, see Colts and Falcons games this year.

  2. I started to disagree, but man you’re right. He’s got enough weapons to win more games. He just doesn’t close deals. Yes, they need a #1 WR, that’s a missing piece, they should go get Godwin in the off-season, but Carr has more to work with than many teams. He’s a game manager.500 QB, but he’s just not the guy who will carry you in the playoffs.

  3. Stats are respectable…but QBs are judged by W-Ls. It wouldn’t surprise me if Gruden/Oakland GM tries for a trade for Darnold/Stafford (yeah I know their W-Ls are bad too) instead of the FA QB route…because I just don’t think they have any confidence in Carr.

  4. At the 17th pick, there are no quarterbacks of value? Rubbish. The history of the NFL is strewn with QB’s outside the top half of the first round that are legends. Success in the NFL is not a linear step up from the success or perceived projection one has in college.

    • That’s a good point. You may still have guys like Zach Wilson, Kyle Trask or Trey Lance available, who are more than worth taking at 17. This is a fairly deep QB class, or I like the idea of trading for Sam Darnold at a steal price right now while everyone is down on him. I think Darnold has all the tools you want, he’s just in a toilet bowl franchise with nothing around him and awful coaches.

  5. Carr is going to be the QB until his deal runs out. You have to go in with the understanding he is a serviceable quarterback, the roster is in the midst of a turnover. The focus has to be on defense which is where games are being lost. To be successful look at other franchises, the quickest path is to have the team in place when you bring in the quarterback on a rookie deal so you have payroll flexibility for the rest of the roster. KC has a window of 2 years before everyone else has to be paid with money tied up in Mahomes. Everyone bashing Carr now will be bashing whoever they would bring in, when you have a cb that keeps getting PI calls, or a facemask that makes a game ending field goal possible. Or a defensive game plan that 2 years in a row didn’t stop the Jets. Or an entire team that was unprepared for the falcons. Unless you have Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers, Rothlesberger, Wilson, everyone hates their starting qb.

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