Cardinals Player Drilled In Groin, Video Is Downright Painful To Watch

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Cardinals outfielder Lars Nootbaar suffered a horribly painful moment Wednesday against the Oakland A’s.

Nootbaar was drilled in the groan off a tipped ball in the bottom of the fifth, and the ball went the one place no man wants one to go:

Straight to the groin.

You can watch the video of the Cardinals player being hit below, but be warned that it’s going to be pretty painful to sit through if you’re a dude. Consider yourself warned.

Lars Nootbaar hit in the groin against the A’s.

What do we even say about this situation? Other than thoughts and prayers, what can really be offered? It’s just a brutal moment.

The one area of the body no guy wants to get smoked in is the groin. That’s a fact of life. You don’t know pain until your groin region gets wrecked.

Lars Nootbaar left the game against the A’s after taking a shot to the groin. The video is incredibly painful to watch. (Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s pain that destroys the entire stomach. You feel it in your stomach all the way up to your thought. It doesn’t get much worse.

Judging from the way Lars Nootbaar went down, it didn’t appear it barely got nicked or grazed by the ball. It appears he took the full force of the ball.

Cardinals outfielder Lars Nootbaar was hit in the groin Wednesday against the Oakland A’s. (Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

TMZ reported Thursday morning that it’s not known right now the extent of the damage. For the sake of his future, let’s all hope Lars Nootbaar is able to shake this one off. Just a brutal experience to go through.

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