Larry David Wants Kickers Nixed From NFL

If Larry David plays fantasy football, chances are he’s in a league that doesn’t roster kickers. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star has about as much fondness for the kicking game as Antonio Cromartie does condoms. In fact, if David were running the league, one of his first tasks would be to remove kickers from the game.

“They don’t have football skills, they’re not players,” said a ranting David to Rich Eisen.

During a Wednesday appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, David commented that, “Feet are deciding games and they shouldn’t.”

Eisen asked David what he would do if he were named commissioner, prompting his anti-kicker rant.

“Why should this one player who does nothing but kick a ball be deciding games,” David mused.

“…When you have 52 other players who are actually playing and this one person, this 53rd person is deciding games? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

David also appears to be in the same camp as Ohio State football coach Ryan Day, who recently commented that he would be in favor of eliminating kickoffs. Day cited safety as the reason he’d like kickoffs to make like Jimmy Hoffa and disappear, though David has a different reason behind his take.

“No more kickoffs. There’s no more returns anymore,” David told Eisen. “They all kick it over the goal line.”

In this case, David’s got a pretty, pretty, pretty good point.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Just ridiculous!
    First of all who cares what this has-been thinks.

    People just don’t realize what an amazing show of skill receiving a kickoff is. You are basically trying to catch this oblong tumbling thing coming out of the stratosphere while at the same time have 200+ pound defenders coming straight for you. I could never do it and am at awe of those who can.

  2. He makes good points. It’s like the only reason we have to keep kickers and punters around is because “foot” is in the name of the game. There’s not a whole lot of foot in the game when you look at the entire game. 90% of the game deals with everything BUT a foot touching the ball, yet we call it football. Pretty funny actually.

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