Lara Travis Calls Out Her Husband, TNF At Stadium Swim & Oklahoma Man’s Massive Raccoon Is Missing

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Thursday at The Masters on was heaven

During Thursday’s opening round, coverage didn’t have broadcasters. All you heard was course noise, ambulances, golfers talking to their caddies and the sound of club faces striking balls. I put noise-cancelling headphones on and relaxed for several hours. It was unreal. Today it seems they’re going with broadcasters, which is disappointing, but I’m not going to cry about it too much. The Masters gives all this coverage for free, and it’s excellent. That’s a change of pace these days.

• Philip Rivers seems to have this superpower to get to 9-7 or 10-6 and play in a Wild Card game. Suddenly he has the Colts in a first-place tie with the Titans as the AFC race to the playoffs starts to take shape. The Titans go to Indy November 29 with the division on the line.

• Anyone cancel their upcoming plans because a politician threatened them with a lockdown? Didn’t think so. Here in Ohio, there’s a very good chance next week Governor Mike DeWine will close bars and inside seating at restaurants. That’s the only way people will be stopped from going out. I can drive by Bob Evans and there are triple the number of cars from 90 days ago. Old people need their two eggs and sausage. The white hairs lost their patience long ago with COVID.

• Did you see the news this week out of Minneapolis that there’s a debate on how to handle rising crime after the city voted to abolish the police? Seems like things are going well up north these days.

• You’re damn right I’m going to enjoy another college football Saturday. There might not be a classic matchup to sit down and watch while pounding a dozen wings and a few beers, but I’ll survive. Wisconsin-Michigan could be the final game these teams play in 2020 if politicians get crazy next week. I’m soaking it all up and not complaining one bit. Notre Dame-Boston College will have people in the northeast mesmerized. Everything will be just fine.

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  1. OR it could be that Rivers’ superpower is taking a garbage Chargers franchise owned by a cheapskate track house builder and winning 9 and 10 games to make the wild card every year despite playing for the most incompetent franchise in the league. Our Boy Phil did have a 14 win season and another 13 win season in San Diego btw.

    The Bolts are looking pretty good at 2-6 without him, I wish Justin Herbert the best of luck. (spoiler alert – he’s going to need it)

  2. Lockdowns are not going to go as well as March. If anything , it will show in 2022 mid-terms. Dems are making another big mistake being blinded by their thirst for power- fine by me.

    Nice to see Clay’s wife dunking on Clay, all balls-in-the-face style!

    Dude on a pallet jack with leaf blowers is all-time greatness. He should get this screencap looping on a solar powered video screen on top of his gravestone for eternity.

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