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Lamar Jackson had trouble – again – in a game he should be able to dominate

Remember when the Chiefs had a pretty basic defense, nothing special with one pass rusher (Chris Jones) and not much else? Yeah, well Lamar Jackson went 15-of-28 for 97 yards and a touchdown passing, plus another 83 yards scrambling on nine carries. Somehow the Chiefs held him in check during the 2019 game. And in 2018.

Jackson is 0-3 vs. the Chiefs and he’s completed under 60% of his passes in all three losses. Somehow the Chiefs have figured it out while the rest of the NFL keeps getting torched by the guy. Hold Jackson under 60% and take your chances with the rest of the team beating you.

In gambling news, I’m sorry if you had the OVER (54.5) last night. But, that’s why you gamble. You want that rush, the Chiefs and Ravens gave it to you with a 34-20 finish.

You guys in the market for a house? Pierce Brosnan is looking to sell his Malibu house for $100 million. The only problem here? You have to live in California.

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