Lane Kiffin Reluctantly Sings Bruno Mars In Dramatic Performance While Joining Daughter’s TikTok Before LSU Game

Lane Kiffin is a TikTok star, whether he likes it or not. The 47-year-old head coach made another appearance in one of his daughter’s videos on Saturday and he gave it everything he had.

Kiffin, who moved to Oxford when he took over the Ole Miss program in December of 2019, had his daughter Landry join him in Mississippi this fall. She is the only one of his three kids living in the Velvet Ditch, and she has built a significant 41,000-follower presence on TikTok— largely because of her dad.

Back in May, Lane gave a hilariously honest reaction to the viral ‘Ugly Baby’ trend and sparked the TikTok fame. A few months later, Landry shared a video of her dad falling ill over the amount of money that she and her sister Presley spent on makeup. He also made it very clear that he would not set Landry or her friends up with any of his players.

In addition to living with her dad in The ‘Sip, Landry often joins her dad and the Rebels on the road. That was the case this weekend in Death Valley and it led to another amazing cameo from the visiting head coach.

Lane Kiffin singing Bruno Mars on TikTok is a trip.

Before Kiffin and the Rebels made their way across Baton Rouge to Tiger Stadium, Landry got her dad to join in on a dramatic performance of Bruno Mars’ song ‘Wish I Was Your Man.’

She and her friends first sing the line “mm too young, too dumb to realize…” before stepping aside to reveal Lane, who was crouching in the back.

“That I should have bought you flowers,” he sings while miming a bouquet of flowers.

Landry and her friends then cover him back up while singing “and held your hand” before Lane jumps back in for “should have gave you all my hours” with an emphatic arm gesture. The girls take it home.

Lane’s body language is very clearly uninterested, especially before the biggest game of the year so far, but he does what he has to do. The way that he immediately turns back away from the camera and moves on after his part is over is tremendous. He’s a great sport and we’re the better for it.

Written by Grayson Weir

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