With A Rebel Yell, Lane Kiffin Shreds Some 80s Hair Metal Tunes On Backyard Stage At Daughter’s Graduation Party | OutKick Exclusive

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Lane Kiffin, lead singer?

If you thought Lane Kiffin was only coaching football at Ole Miss, you’d be sorely mistaken. The Rebels head coach grabbed a microphone and guitar recently to show off some sweet harmony while celebrating his daughter Landry’s high school graduation.

Lane Kiffin shreds guitar at daughter’s graduation party. (Courtesy of Lane Kiffin, Exclusive for OutKick)

Lane Kiffin’s lifestyle has taken a new direction lately, with hot yoga sessions on campus and RomCom movie nights. But Kiffin showing off his musical talents to a group of folks in his backyard has to take the cake.

The scene was set with a stage in his backyard for his daughter’s high school graduation party. While a band played the tunes, and surrounded by family, friends and classmates, Kiffin became the main act of the night. The Rebels coach told OutKick he belted out 80s hair metal classics Sweet Child O’ Mine and Every Rose Has Its Thorn, all while wearing a Poison concert T-shirt given to him by lead singer Bret Michaels. I total, Lane mentioned that he went through three wardrobe changes that night.

Lane Kiffin took The stage for his daughter's graduation party
Lane Kiffin took the stage at his daughter’s graduation party. (Courtesy Of Lane Kiffin/Exclusive For OutKick)

“Well when Landry asked me to stay at Ole Miss for her, I did. When she asked me to get on stage for her, I did. High school graduation party in the backyard,” Kiffin texted OutKick’s Trey Wallace on Tuesday night.

The stage appearance was at the request of the 315 Family crew, which is made up of Landry Kiffin and her friends, who will all attend Ole Miss next year, while they continue a tradition of movie night at Lane’s house. They call themselves 315 Family because 315 is Kiffin’s house number. Joining Lane on stage was his ex-wife Layla, who joined in on the party.

It’s fair to say Lane and Layla have a healthy relationship, raising all three of their kids together, from California to Mississippi.

Lane Kiffin’s Rockstar Status Is Cemented In Oxford

So not only is Lane Kiffin handling business at Ole Miss, he’s also keeping promises to his daughter. Whether it’s staying in Oxford or hopping on stage, it seems Kiffin will do just about anything for his kids.

Kiffin also noted there were three outfit changes during his graduation party performance. (Courtesy Of Lane Kiffin/For OutKick)

Now if his Rebels can back it up on the field this season, Kiffin will maintain his rockstar status. In the end, this is all about Kiffin enjoying life with his family surrounding him. There was a chance after the 2022 season ended that he could’ve ended up at Auburn. But after long talks with his kids about the situation, Oxford was where Kiffin decided to continue this chapter of his life.

“I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life based on what served me first, that’s where the major change came. Realizing it’s not about me, it’s about her,” Lane Kiffin told OutKick about his daughter Landry.

Landry is now headed to Ole Miss as a freshman in the fall. His son Knox loves the area. All the while, being in Oxford is a great spot for Kiffin to continue growing his coaching tree.

Relating to his players is also a key component of his success. If Jaxson Dart or any other Rebel wants to talk about life outside of football, Kiffin’s door is always open. It probably doesn’t hurt that Kiffin has some of the same musical tastes as his players.

In the end, there aren’t many jobs in college football where it just feels right. At the moment, Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss continue working towards taking the next steps in becoming a problem for other teams in the SEC.

But in the meantime, whenever he’s not listening to Morgan Wallen or being first to Hot Yoga class, Lane Kiffin is learning how to shred a guitar. Pretty nice situation for the head coach in Oxford.

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