Landscapers Find Mysterious Decades-Old Vehicle In Backyard Of Mansion

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Landscapers were working in the backyard of a $15 million mansion in Silicon Valley when they discovered a vehicle buried in the ground. Inside the car were bags of concrete blanketed by dirt. The bags smelled of human remains.

Are you not intrigued?

Atherton police Cmdr. Daniel Larsen says the department continues to investigate for evidence of decayed remains. Police say the car was buried four to five feet deep sometime in the 1990s, before the current owners bought the home.

The home now belongs to Meta software engineer Paul Saab and his wife, who are not under suspicion given the suspected timeline.

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KNTV reports the vehicle’s VIN and license plate are linked to a previous owner of the home. Police are withholding the identity of the individual.

Home records reveal the previous owner lived at the residence from 1990 to 2014. Meaning, they sat there each morning, for over a decade, likely knowing a Mercedes rested beneath their ground.

You might ask yourself why one would bury their car. Why not just bury the body (hypothetical)? Why destroy the car as well?

To that, we refer you to a scene in Pulp Fiction:

See, sometimes it’s better to bury the vehicle, even a Mercedes, than to deep wash blood out of the seats.

The home sits on 12,643 square foot property and boasts a pool and tennis court. Atherton is among the wealthiest towns in the U.S. and holds around 7,000 residents.

And at least one mansion with a mysterious backstory that involves a buried vehicle containing concrete bags.

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