Lamar Jackson’s Positive Test Moves Ravens Game, Not Likely to Slow Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have marched to a 10-0 record despite some obstacles. They’ve needed to reschedule some games along the way because of positive COVID tests from an opponent.

They even needed to reschedule their primetime Thanksgiving game against the Ravens, as several Ravens have tested positive. Quarterback Lamar Jackson reportedly tested positive on Thursday. The game has been moved to Sunday.

But forget Sunday. With Jackson coming up positive, it doesn’t seem real likely the AFC North battle will be played this week at all.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Ravens were told by coach John Harbaugh that they won’t even be allowed back into the practice facility until Monday.

“The Ravens are scheduled to play the Steelers on Sunday, so that game doesn’t seem possible,” Schefter wrote.

ESPN’s Field Yates added a solution of sorts.

“A lookahead idea for the NFL to consider in Week 13: move the Steelers-Washington game from Sunday up to Thursday, while pushing the Ravens-Cowboys game from Thursday to Sunday,” Yates wrote. “With Baltimore out of the facility until at least Monday, this buys time for the NFL.”

No NFL team has suffered as greatly as the Steelers because of all of this.

Their Week 4 game against the Tennessee Titans was moved to Week 7 because of positive tests within the Titans organization. That moved their first game against the Ravens from Week 7 to their bye week in Week 8.

So the Steelers’ bye week became Week 4 by default.


Imagine being the Steelers. Then again, neither confusion nor COVID nor even an entirely healthy Jackson has slowed them down.

Bottom line: This game will presumably be played at some point, and based on recent history, it won’t bother the Steelers at all. They can beat you any day of the week.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Ok so I am confused. The Patriots had to play without Cam Newton and NFL is rescheduling the Ravens now? Why not move to Monday? This is suspiciously echoing a way to get an 8th team into the playoffs. This didn’t just happen either they the Ravens broke protocols. Steelers had to play without Ben last year they gleefully started RG III in wk 17 against Duck. Either forfeit or play it Monday Night and Flex the Thursday game

  2. If it was the Raiders, the NFL would make them play Sunday and Thursday, fine them and take away draft picks. The NFL has been completed arbitrary in how they are handling this on a team by team basis. If the Ravens have a roster that can field a team they should play, if they can’t then it should forfeit. Penalizing the Steelers with a consistently moving schedule is ridiculous.

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