Lamar Jackson Wants To Wear No. 1, But Not Until He Wins A Super Bowl

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is No. 8 in the program and No. 1 in the hearts of Baltimore fans. If he has his way, he’ll soon be the owner of a Lombardi trophy and a jersey donning a new digit. The former league MVP is planning on a number change as soon as he secures a Super Bowl win.

Jackson was a guest on Baltimore’s team podcast “The Lounge” and shared his desire to swap numbers. “If we win the Super Bowl, I’m going to No. 1,” said Jackson. “I want the No. 1. That’s my first number ever. My dad told me, ‘Get No. 1 because that’s the best. You’re the best.’ And it always stuck with me.”

After wearing 7 in high school, Jackson adopted No. 8 while at Louisville and has continued to wear the number in Baltimore. Eight’s been anything but crazy for Jackson. He’s won both a Heisman trophy and NFL MVP while rocking the number.

Entering his fourth pro season, Jackson aspires to bring a Super Bowl trophy to Baltimore before retiring a pair of numbers: “I want to retire No. 8 and No. 1. I want to do that here at the Ravens. So, I want to win a Super Bowl with No. 8 on, do as much as I can with No. 8 on, then come back and do the same thing with 1 on.”

Regardless of which number he decides to wear, defenders are likely to do a No. 2 while trying to contain him.


Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I thought the “1” meant 1 dimensional lol.

    He’s so overrated. His highlights look cute for a few regular season games against crap defenses but his predictability is what elite teams game-plan against in the post season.

    The Ravens know this but realize they’ve got to ride it as far as they can go. Their hope is to combine him with a year 2000 defense and hope for the best.

    • Only guys I can think of that come close to a running QB are Mahomes Steve Young. Mahomes is a run because he actually makes all the reads, then takes off because there are no other options. By the time Young won it he was predominately a pocket passer.

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