Lakers Trainer Shown The Door After Season Full Of Injuries

The Los Angeles Lakers are running out of excuses for their failed season faster than LeBron retreats to the locker room. The latest excuse has the Lake Show blaming their training staff.

Following their first-round playoff exit, the Lakers made the decision to part ways with their head trainer Nina Hsieh, per an ESPN report. Hsieh had been with the franchise since 2008 and was promoted to head trainer in 2019.

It would seem as if Hsieh is being blamed for injuries suffered by the traditionally fragile Anthony Davis, who missed 36 games this regular season and nearly two full games in LA’s first round loss to Phoenix. According to, Davis has had more than 50 injuries throughout his NBA career.  Davis has been on the shelf so often, Charles Barkley recently nicknamed him “street clothes”:


LeBron James’s 26 missed games apparently had nothing to do with his 36 years on this earth, and more to do with Hsieh’s failures as a trainer. Even though James himself used the NBA’s condensed season as his own excuse:

By the way, James’ excuse was recently debunked by OutKick’s Dr. David Chao.

Despite having 201 games missed by players due to injury, the Lakers weren’t even within the league’s top five in that category. With Hsieh shown the door, the Lakers will need a new victim to point the finger at, should their 2022 season result in anything less than a deep post season run. Fortunately for them, they have a long off season to think about it.


Written by Anthony Farris

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