Lakers Guard Dennis Schroder Discovers Teammate Got Traded During Twitch Live Stream

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Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder will forever remember where he was when Los Angeles pulled off a trade for Washington Wizards forward Rui Hachimura.

Schroder was in an awkward position when the trade news fell: live-streaming on his Twitch account and reacting in real-time as his teammate Kendrick Nunn got shipped off to Washington for Hachimura.

Schorder’s reaction was a genuine shock.


“What trade? Rui? Oh no, hell no,” Schroder said. “Rui for Kendrick Nunn? Oh my god, I gotta text Rui. I gotta text Kendrick Nunn. That’s crazy, man; the NBA it’s a business — insane. Man, that’s…”

Though Schroder’s face was probably disappointed to see Nunn leave the team, he was likely on board with the swap.

With Hachimura, the Lakers are receiving much-needed size on the wing and a capable shooter to aid LA’s issues on both sides of the ball — be it scoring or defense.

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka also surrendered three second-round picks, but in the grand scheme of things, it was the right decision. Especially with the team eager to ship out Nunn, who’s been a near bust for the Lakeshow.

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