Lakers Keep Getting Punched In the Groin During Game 4 Against Memphis Grizzlies

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Ouch … right in the pouch.

Memphis Grizzlies players can’t stop punching Lakers players in the junk. Monday night’s Game 4 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers featured two LA players getting decked in the downstairs.

It seems like players are either getting injured or punched in the nads every night a Memphis-Lakers game is being played. On Saturday, Brooks was booted from Game 3 in the third quarter after punching “The King” LeBron James in the groin.


Then comes Monday night, which added two more groin shots to the running tally.

The first instance came on a Desmond Bane-led fast break.

Once Bane reached under the basket, he elbowed a defending Anthony Davis right in the jewels. It was the most direct shot of the night.

Then came Jaren Jackson, Jr.’s right hook to Dennis Schroder’s junk.

One or two instances in a series can be dubbed a coincidence. But three punches to the groin in a week? That’s a trend.

LeBron James and the Lakers might’ve pulled off an impressive 117-111 overtime win, but the 2022-23 NBA Playoff’s penchant for violence is the bigger story.

It’s getting out of hand.

The Lakers get a shot at hitting Memphis where it hurts. LA can boot the Grizzlies from the playoffs on Wednesday, in Memphis for Game 5.

Are the Grizzlies taking deliberate shots at Lakers players’ junks?

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