Lakers’ Jared Dudley Argues NBA Players Want 72-Game Schedule And He’s Right

Total124 Marc Stein reported this morning that a potential 50-game season would reduce player salaries “significantly” and the players are starting to fight back. Lakers forward Jared Dudley has been vocal on Twitter about his desire to extend the season to 72-games. This would allow players to receive full-pay for the 20-21 season. Who wouldn’t More






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  1. You can’t even have fun gambling on NBA anymore (especially DFS) because of the load management decisions that aren’t even announced until one minute before tip off. NBA regular season is the worst. Fuck that shit. Maybe if they behave I’ll watch some playoff games. Fucking sick of NBA bitching about everything.

    • It begins, vastly undereducated players an their I’ll informed reps didn’t count on actual fans walking away. Their numbers will only get worse. The exact wrong follow up note would be bitching about salay. They thought no fans and ratings coupled with a shortened schedule would lead to anything but pay cuts?

  2. Wow…possible pay cuts, hmmm. The elevator can go to the basement, too…not just to the penthouse. Jared Dudley (I’m guessing he wasn’t an economics major) and Dame DOLLA want their bucks…and Dame doesn’t think it matters whether he plays or not. Jared’ll play 72 games to get his money, even if nobody’s watching. If nobody’s watching then nobody cares…nobody cares means you guys can go get some kind of “real” job, if you can find one, because sponsors ain’t spending big bucks for schoolyard hoops. Salaries in the brave new NBA won’t pay for your mansions, but least you’ll be able to get oil changes for your SUVs. Hasta la vista, douchebags!

  3. Their best chance is to recover is to play more games, not sit out for load management, and stick to the basketball stories. I know it is a bit of “shut up and dribble,” but I think they have had their day to speak and it hasn’t been helpful to the league nor themselves nor their families’ futures. Reality is slowly setting in.

  4. Defund the NBA! Who has the power to do do the defunding? Oh it’s us, so I’ll do my part, and it’s the people at the lower levels working for the league and these teams being destroyed by the owner’s and athlete’s. Lebron won a trophy and will get substantial pay cuts for everyone,

  5. The NBA should be 50 games every year, its the way you save your sport. You eliminate load management, and you play like a professional athlete (with real effort) for every minute you’re on the court, rather than the extended layup line/shootaround that the first 3 quarters of regular season NBA basketball is now.

    While the rest of America deals with paycuts, including medical professionals who were treating COVID19, we can’t possibly ask professional basketball players to miss a beat. They have a fleet of Escalades to look after and bling to buy for themselves and their boos.

  6. The NBA has alienated a large percentage of their former fans here in the USA in favor of BLM and China money and they aren’t coming back.I personally look forward to the players having to take less money and the woke owners losing revenue.

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