Lakers Annihilate Heat For Team’s 17th Title, LeBron’s 4th

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have defeated the Miami Heat for the team’s 17th title. Ratings were down drastically, but it was still an important milestone for James himself. And you can’t forget the story line of winning an NBA championship after the passing of Kobe Bryant.

James finished the night with a triple-double (28 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists), leaving no doubt for Finals MVP. The four-time MVP now has Finals MVPs with three different teams, a feat that has never been accomplished in the NBA.

Most want to discount the title, but having no fans in attendance did nothing to help the Lakers finish the deal. The team earned home court only to have it undone by COVID regulations. It still didn’t matter. Twitter has already speculated that the title re-opens the GOAT debate, but it remains closed for most old heads.

The accomplishments of LeBron James from this point forward won’t matter, and he should be OK with that. Winning a subjective argument for greatest player ever is an impossibility, especially since he will never face off against the Michael Jordan of the late 1980s and early 1990s. LeBron will be the GOAT of his era, and Jordan will be the greatest of his.

Two incredible basketball players that are officially etched together on Basketball’s Mount Rushmore.

For Kobe.


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  1. I made it! I managed to get through the entire nba bubble and not watch a single game, this from a guy who watched nearly every game pre-virus. Thank goodness this disaster is over. The only thing is, I’m not coming back next season either…nba is cancelled for me

  2. Congratulations to the NBA forgetting the job done. There were many, many doubters including me.. As far as LeBrat James, the Homelander of professional sports, I have no congratulations or good wishes. This particular champion has only earned my enmity. As others have stated so brilliantly, this man has damaged the NBA as he has the United States. Our country. Now, the individual who will be anointed GOAT, to put it simply is a very bad person. As with Homelander, he has proven to be megalomaniac with no regard for the common people of America. After all, he has been a celebrity since grade school. He missed out on a lot of valuable life lessons. He has no humility, no genuine kindness, no humanity.
    And, most recently, no awareness, no respect, no recognition of the Thin Blue Line that protect the “infamous” from harm. That pisses me off.
    I do not like this champion. And, I have been a Laker fan for 55 years. Had been.

  3. I guess I’m an “old head” but with age comes experience and no one took over the game the way Michael would. Also Michael would have 9 straight championships with a single team. Lebron also off the court is divisive and condescending. He isn’t as likeable as Jordan was. Jordan had a quiet charisma that oozed self confidence.

  4. I had already made up mind years ago about who the greatest of all time was, and it wasn’t Lebron. That was until I read that Twitter has reopened the debate. Obviously, with Twitter putting its 2 cents in, that could be a game changer for me. Anyways, I would like to congratulate Lebron and the Lakers for winning the 2020 Sonny Vaccaro ABCD 5* camp championship. Well done.

  5. Didn’t watch a second and didn’t miss a second. I’ve never been a Lakers follower, but must admit the teams with Magic & Kareem and Kobe & Shaq were great. True Laker fans may think this year’s team is also one to admire. They have their right. LeBron may go down as one of the all-time NBA greats, but he will also go down as one of the most uninformed, bigoted, racial divisive, anti-police athletes in history.

  6. LeBron is the greatest of his generation, and obviously, Jordan the greatest of his. Can be argued LeBron has/will have the greatest NBA career of all time by the time he is done. But for Jordan’s “prime” (call it 10 years from ’88-’98), no one will ever eclipse his greatness. So you have to define “GOAT”. If we’re talking about greatest career of all time, LeBron is definitely in the debate. But if we are talking about greatest prime, Jordan is and will always be the GOAT.

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