LA Pride Group Pulls Out Of Dodgers’ Pride Night After Team Removes Anti-Catholic Drag Group From Event

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The Los Angeles Dodgers recently announced that they would not be awarding an anti-Catholic drag group during their upcoming Pride Night celebration. LA Pride has reacted to the team’s decision by announcing it will not be participating in Pride Night.

The drag group, called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, use “go and sin some more” as their motto. They frequently dress as Jesus and Mary. The group were supposed to be given some sort of award during Pride Night, although it’s tough to imagine what that award may be.

‘The Sisters’ openly mock and belittle Catholicism and Christianity. Senator Marco Rubio pointed this out in a letter earlier this week he sent directly to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred expressing his concerns.

After Sen. Rubio’s letter gained attention, the Dodgers announced on Wednesday that they were removing the award from the group.

Dodgers Living In La La Land, Literally

The next day, the LA Pride group shared a statement whining about ‘The Sisters’ being cut from Pride Night while announcing its plans to skip out on the event.

“As a longstanding partner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, we are very disappointed in their decision to rescind their invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to be honored at the 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night. As a result and in solidarity with our community, LA Pride will not be participating in this year’s Dodgers Pride Night event,” the LA Pride statement read.

“Pride is a fight for equality and inclusion for the entire LGBTQ+ community and we’re not going to stop now. Let’s make this year’s Pride celebration louder than ever.”

The fact that people within the Dodgers organization thought it was a good idea to give an award to an anti-Catholic group in the first place is utterly insane.

Perhaps what’s more insane is nobody would have batted an eye at the situation until after it occurred unless Senator Rubio didn’t bring the ridiculousness to light.

Ridiculous organizations and groups like ‘The Sisters’ typically get away with whatever they want, but not this time.

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    • No Mark, anyone with a minimally functioning brain realizes you don’t hate gay people. As mentioned, many gay people’s idea of inclusive is to exclude others. Anyone who defines inclusion by excluding others doesn’t have a good grasp on what it means.

    • Hating gay people is a sane response to these Sisters of Perpetual Indulgance. They are clearly a hate group. If the Alphabet Mafia consider the Sisters in their crowd then some hate for them is right as well.

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